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At least they’re being honest … .

Kings of Leon are currently recording their follow-up album to 2010’s Come Around Sundown but that’s easier said than done. Bassist Jared Followhill decided that getting smashed on wine was a much better idea than recording: “…Just tried for a sequence to the new album … I can’t quite nail it down due to the being too drunk. ?#Tomorrow,” he tweeted. Lucky bastard, this excuse never works for an essay extension.

Please fly the hell away

Harry Styles got a giant butterfly tattoo in the middle of his chest, just underneath the millions of nipples he has. Let’s hope this is the cruelest drunken dare the freaks from One Direction could come up with. If not, Harry came up with the design himself and that is horrifying. Who knew there were more embarrassing tattoos than tramp stamps? But good job Harry you’ve shown us all.

Betty Draper v.s. Hannah Montana

There is speculation that January Jones and Liam Hemsworth (Gale from The Hunger Games and Miley Cyrus’ fiancee) hooked up at one of the many pre-Oscar parties. Cyrus’ life is spiraling around her as she’s been photographed not wearing her engagement ring. I guess Gale really can’t have the best of both worlds. Solution? Send all three to a fight club and let them figure it out.

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