April Fools Day pranks to consider

(Graphic by Jacob Lindgren)
(Graphic by Jacob Lindgren)

In all honesty, April Fool’s Day is potentially the most random holiday in the history of the world. I mean, what are we actually celebrating? Tricking people? Pranking those closest to us? It seems odd that we would be given a day to wreak havoc upon people we know and love. But, hey, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Even though this year’s day of pranking has passed and I’m sure you are all already scheming for next year, we here at The Cord might offer a few prank ideas for the more mischievous people among you. Keep in mind though, it is all about balance. You don’t want to be that lame person who changed their roommates’ birthday on Facebook but on the other hand, you don’t want to take things too far. If your premeditated prank might end a friendship, you may want to dial it back. Not a prankster? Hopefully this list will at least give you some idea about what to look out for.

Oreo Filling Toothpaste

I know everyone has heard of this one already but when done properly, it can be the funniest thing ever.

In short, this prank replaces those delicious creamy white centers with sternly minty toothpaste. I’m no chef but I do know that Colgate does not go well at all with those chocolate wafers.

How to execute? You can lay the cookies out on a plate for your roommate or friend to find them, or just shove them back into the Oreo container and play the waiting game. Either way, no one will think twice about eating them.

The New Age ‘Kick Me’ Sign

This one is a little harder to master, but definitely worth it.

Everyone has pulled off placing a ‘Kick Me’ sign on someone’s back but let’s get real, that’s pretty elementary. Instead, why not use the same idea but get a little more creative. If you can, place a sign on one of your more timid friend’s backs with a phrase that says something like: “My favorite pizza place is Bianca’s. What’s yours?” or even “Ask me about my favorite Miley Cyrus song”.

Not only will they be bombarded with random questions and comments all day, they might actually make a new friend or two. Technically you’re doing them a favor, right?

Three Pronged Prank

This one is easily the most creative. All you need is some nail polish and access to your roommate or friend’s laptop charger.

Coat the three-pronged end of the charger with [clear?] nail polish and then put the charger back where you found it. The nail polish serves as an electrical blockade between the charger and any outlet. Their day might very well be ruined if they cannot charge their laptop whether in class or at home.

This prank also works for phones, TVs, curling irons, microwaves and obviously anything with a pronged plug in. When your victim is on the verge of tears, point to some nail polish remover. Problem solved.

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