Albums to help you transition into 2020

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is already here. Big milestones like this can be difficult to adjust to, as it can often feel like time is just pushing us forward.

So, whether this new year has you looking for guidance through a big change in your life, wanting to reflect on your past or even just trying to find your place in the world, these five albums will assure you that there is hope for your new decade.

MAYBE by Valley

As the years go by, the rapid rate of change in our society is only becoming more evident. Toronto indie-pop quartet Valley looks closely at theses changes on their most recent album, MAYBE.

Tackling all of the troubles of being a young adult in the 21st century, such as moving away from home for the first time, trying not to let social media influence the way you think about yourself, and even the ups and downs of dating culture, this album will let you know that you’re not facing any of these impossible issues alone.

Fine But Dying by Liza Anne

On her third album, singer-songwriter Liza Anne analyzes her own personal habits and mental health with stunning honesty. Through her lyrics, she is able to encourage self-reflection while also reminding her listeners of the importance of staying present in the current moment.

Overall, Liza Anne’s hauntingly beautiful voice offers a reassurance that taking time for yourself is okay, and that you will be alright through it all.

Don’t Get Dark by Del Water Gap

Written and recorded after Del Water Gap frontman Holden Jaffe graduated from college, this EP is a collection of personal and melancholic yet inevitably hopeful songs. Its lush, stripped instrumentals are layered with sentiments of emptiness and yearning for childhood as Jaffe attempts to adjust to his life.

Though this period of life can feel futile, the ultimate takeaway is to not let it get you down, and to learn how to see hope in everyday. Whether you’re graduating in 2020      or sometime in the 2020s, this EP will be one to take with you as you go out into the world.

Fine Line by Harry Styles

After his solo debut showed his      clear effort in stepping out on his own, Harry Styles allows himself to take a more well-rounded journey of self-expression on his sophomore album, Fine Line. Drawing on his most diverse collection of influences yet, the album tells a story of love, heartbreak, growth, and eventual hope, as Styles continues to find his sound and artistic expression.

The process of finding out who you are is ongoing, and Fine Line embraces this process, providing the assurance that it’s okay to still be figuring things out.

Heard It In A Past Life by Maggie Rogers

Rising alt-pop songstress Maggie Rogers had a very sudden change in her life when a video of her song “Alaska” went viral and she was abruptly pushed into the spotlight.

In her 2019 debut album Heard It In A Past Life, Rogers takes you through her journey in grappling with this big change, growing into her new life and being grateful for everything. Sometimes change comes when we least expect it, and we struggle to figure out why, but this album will teach you how to thrive through it.

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