Action-film director Michael Bay attacked with air conditioner

Michael Bay, known for his work with Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, was attacked with an air conditioner on set while filming yet another Transformers sequel in Hong Kong.

Vendors were paid a certain amount to let the filming happen in their areas, but one vendor in particular wanted four times the amount that was being offered. Bay said while opening up about the situation, “We were not going to let him extort us.”

Later on, while shooting, the vendor came up to Bay and his crew with an air conditioner as a weapon, (he was allegedly under the influence of a narcotic substance). He went to hit Bay, but he was able to avoid the hit by ducking, making sure to throw the air conditioner away, and pushing the man out of the way.

This is when security and police jumped in on the situation. It took seven men to finally overcome the man. One security guard had his shoe bitten into by one of the other men who were taking part in trying to fight with the crew.

Paramount also opened up about the situation by saying Bay did not get hurt, but the three men (the vendor, and his two companions) were arrested due to the assault towards Bay and the police officers.

Attacking someone with an air conditioner seems a little extreme, but apparently on the set of a Transformers movie, anything can happen.

Here’s the trailer to the last Transformers movie. It wasn’t that good:




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