Accepting that we are agents of change

Some may say that now, perhaps more than ever, we are facing revolutionary social climates.

This is not to discredit the beliefs upon which this statement is built, but it is exactly this rarefication of events that poses a problem: a secularity in thinking and the misremembrance of the past and future.

As a result, what we fail to see is that this modern society was shaped by millennia of discrimination, war, injustice – every subsequent reform with the same goal: to move humanity and the world around us forward.

You would not be here if it weren’t for the immeasurable amount of work put in by those who came before us.

Loathing in the hatred of the world we live in doesn’t change a thing.

The reality of the matter is that our fears for the future may very well be realized in our lifetime, but this does not equate to an end, as so many treat it — it equates to change.

Change is not a fluid process. Reconstruction of the world we live in is not and never has been an easy feat, let alone one that goes from start to finish in one lifetime.

The rise and fall of empires, the beginning and end of wars — no change starts and ends with a sharp reformation, but with an immeasurable amount of time, thought and understanding from those who truly wish for it.

With it comes a mindset, one that must be nurtured, not instilled.

A rather remarkable gift that humanity possesses is its ability to sense the inevitable end to time; the ability to view something that does not physically exist.

Likewise, humanity has always had a remarkable ability to survive despite odds and it is this tactic that bleeds into our unique desire to not only stay alive as beings, but to create a world in which we can do so.

With this knowledge, we create new values, laws and cultures, all to prepare ourselves for the impending crash to a time with which we are so familiar.

However, we do not prepare ourselves for an end; we prepare ourselves for change, so that we may build again as a nation something bigger and better than before.

Our goal should not be to act impulsively, slowly breeding hatred for the world we live in now, but to repair the framework so that future generations can raise and nurture the new world that we worked so hard to give to them.

Change cannot be given up upon simply because we will not live to see it unfold before our end. Like so many before us, we will not see it, however much we desire.

It is up to us to use our precious time altruistically, so that one day, the future of humanity may live in a world in which we so desperately wanted.

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