Another successful homecoming at Laurier

This past Homecoming weekend, the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks won their game against the University of Waterloo Warriors.

Defeating the Warriors with a score of 68-7, the Golden Hawks played strongly and are now 4-0 for their season. With over 7,000 Golden Hawks in the stands, it was a chance for students to celebrate Laurier’s school spirit while welcoming back alumni.

“Homecoming allows Laurier the opportunity to express what it is Laurier is all about in its entirety—in essence is the school spirit that surrounds this community. Students have a chance to show their school spirit on a much grander scale,” said Wilfrid Laurier University’s Students’ Union president, Tyler Van Herzele.

While attending the football game and celebrating Laurier as a community is important, ensuring safety and respect is another large concern throughout each Homecoming weekend.

Van Herzele explained that he feels the Students’ Union’s messages to students were strong.

“I saw quite a few of the hashtags being used on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend, I think that our efforts [for student safety] were good,” he said.

The Students’ Union promoted the two hashtags, #HawkRespect and #StayGolden, to encourage safety throughout Homecoming weekend.

“We are here to represent all students – to ensure, while doing so, we can do it in the best manner possible,” said Van Herzele.

Waterloo Regional Police Service staff sergeant, Patrick Smola said that, for the most part, Homecoming went exceptionally well in terms of student safety and respectability for surrounding neighbourhoods.

Smola believes the positive outcome of the weekend was the result of a blended, multi-agency approach. WRPS, Laurier Special Constable Services, Paramedic Services, Waterloo Fire and Private Security were present on campus and in surrounding areas.

Though maintaining a highly visible police presence is key for WRPS, positive community engagement is also largely relied upon.

Everyone who was on campus in a uniform did a fantastic job of engaging with the student body in both a positive and constructive way,§ said Van Herzele.

Aside from a few loud parties and high noise levels, Smola said that students and alumni did a great job cooperating and respecting the community as a whole.

“We’re here for [students’] safety, we want them to have a good time, but we want them to be safe,” Smola said. “That’s the message that we try to get out to everybody.”

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