A soundtrack for the fall semester

(Graphic by Steph Truong)

With midterm and paper season upon most students, all we want to do is burrow into the cave that our bedroom has become, and hibernate until Christmas break.

Since hibernation isn’t socially acceptable, unless you’re a bear, your Arts and Life Editors have compiled a list of songs to get you through this stressful half of the semester.

To reflect the dropping temperatures and the notion that winter is coming, many of the songs are chill and frankly, angst-ridden; however, we’ve provided a list of dance-inducing tracks should you require a well-deserved study break.

Our playlist will keep you going through this month, so, pop in your earbuds and enter into headphone hibernation.

Life Editor Carly Basch says that her go-to playlist right now is a “combination of old and new favourites that immediately make me feel happy, relaxed and most importantly, motivated to carry through with what needs to be accomplished.”

The first song on her list is “Juveniles” by The Walkmen. Upbeat and folksy, while still being modern, this song is composed at the perfect note-taking tempo.

Next is the appropriately titled “Fall” by singer/songwriter Frankie Rose. Almost ethereal in its sounds, “Fall” is very relaxing, yet it’s incredibly unique.  You’ll want to keep listening rather than letting it rock you to sleep.

Arts editor, Ali Connerty, prefers a bit more bass when studying, so her go to tracks are a bit grimier, yet still upbeat. “Smash the Funk” by GriZ is a dubstep track that is sure to keep you going either at the gym or studying on campus.

The more mellow, and ironically titled “Your Head is on Fire” by the Broken Bells, is a perfect chill-out song. In fact, their entire album, Citizen , is wistful and dreamy, sure to whisk you away somewhere beyond midterm stress.

I don’t often study to music, but when I do, it’s to hour-long electronic dance music (EDM) mix tapes. They provide the perfect motivation to power through readings and notes. My favourites include the Glitch Mob’s “More Voltage” and Bassnectar’s recently released “Amorphous Music Mixtape Vol. 7.”

When taking a break from studying, I cannot stop listening to the Chicago band Kids These Days. Comprised of eight 17 and 18 year olds, they have a unique sound that incorporates elements of jazz, blues, rock and hip hop.

Their album Traphouse Rock comes out on Oct. 30, but in the meantime check out “Darling,” Summerscent” and the recently released “Who Do U Love.”

At this time of year it’s also essential to have some “guilty pleasure music” on the go. These songs provide the perfect opportunity for an impromptu dance party or sing-a-long.

Please refer to any song from Taylor Swift’s new Red album (most notably “I Knew You Were Trouble”).  Also check out Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag” or anything that you considered “good” music when you were a pre-teen.

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