A run down of fun flicks to see this summer


With the summer rolling in full force and the obvious choices of summer blockbusters already passing through theatres, what movies do we have to look forward to?

This summer in particular seems to be the summer of sequels, including Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Incredibles 2, The First Purge, Equalizer 2 and Unfriended: Dark Web, among countless others. In a sea of sequels, which new films are worth seeing?

These films are the ones that seem promising for the rest of the summer. Whether any of them will be record breaking is yet to be decided, but some of them do have the promise!

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13 July

Dwayne Johnson is seen flying through the air towards the title building in the poster, so I’m sure this will be the most The Rock movie we’ve all seen in a while.

With a premise on family and the promise of big bucks for the effects, Skyscraper looks like it’ll be worth the watch if just for a bit of fun. I don’t think that I’ll take it too seriously or write a dissertation on it, but movies like this always seem to be worth it for their heroics and Die-Hard-esque bravado and humour.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

20 July

Yet another well-anticipated sequel of the summer, Mamma Mia! brings it all back to the start again this summer and I, frankly, am pretty excited for more ABBA.

Though I’m sure the singing and story will make us cringe just as much as the first movie, it’ll be some lighthearted fun in the heat of summer to remind us what is really important in our lives. And who can resist Grandma Cher?

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Christopher Robin

3 August

With the strength of Maleficent and the highly anticipated Emily Blunt Mary Poppins around the corner, Christopher Robin promises to bring the characters of our childhoods together in a new way.

The fact that the original voice actors are in their original roles really sold this film for me. Like cocoa on a cold night or an icy beverage by the poolside, there’s just something comforting about feeling safe and at home with these characters. The premise seems to be quite the tear-jerker to begin with and for our generation that is working so hard and growing up too fast, it will surely resonate.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

3 August

Two words to sell this movie: Kate McKinnon. Though I haven’t seen too many trailers for this one yet, the premise seems like it’ll be a fun feminist fiasco, and we all need a little more of that in our lives.

With overt James Bond undertones (The Spy Who Loved Me, anyone?) it should have all of our favourite genre conventions with the added laughs of a comedy duo. It’s hard to tell whether it’ll lean more to the comedy side or the spy thriller, but it seems to be worth a shot.

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The Predator

14 September

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our favourite killing machine on the silver screen, and it’ll be back just in time to crush your back-to-school blues.

Though I can’t promise it’ll be a cinematic masterpiece, it is the next instalment in an otherwise entertaining and worthwhile series.

You’ll have plenty of time to catch up on the previous Predator films before this one comes out, making it the perfect film to lead up to.

Still no promises of ‘choppers’, but after Jeff Goldblum’s appearance in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, I’m hopeful to a throwback of the iconic lines.

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