A review of “Her Loss” by Drake and 21 Savage

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Drake and 21 Savage released their new album “Her Loss” and just days later it skyrocketed to the top charts. The album has become a  common topic of conversation, been played at house parties and taken over social media platforms. It was quickly determined which songs on this album were fan favourites; “Rich Flex”, “Major Distribution”, “On BS”, “BackOutsideBoyz”, and “Circo Lo” have taken the lead on Apple Music. The streaming platform’s “Top 100 Global” playlist lists all 16 tracks from number one to 16.  

While this is a 21 Savage and Drake album, listeners were quick to name it as solely Drake’s. Stats show that Drake holds 66% of the entirety of the album’s lyrics, with 26% being 21’s lyrics, and 8% being that of featured artists like Travis Scott.  

“Her Loss” is a whole new vibe in comparison to Drake’s most recent albums, “Certified Lover Boy” which dropped in 2021 as a Hip-Hop/Rap genre and “Honestly, Nevermind” in 2022 as a dance genre. While still Hip-Hop/Rap, “Her Loss” has faster beats and faster rhymes, and the lyrics take a more confident approach to Drake’s love life. 

Drake and 21 drop bars about their relationship with one another, the dark realities of the industry and privileged lifestyle, love interests, and beef with other artists. “Rich Flex” is at number one on Apple Music’s “Top 100 Global” charts, with rhymes checking all of the above boxes. This sound has become a meme on Tik Tok, as people mock Drake’s lyrics for sounding “down bad” for 21. Their tight friendship goes back to 2016 and  since then they have had three additional collaborations and continue to dominate the rap industry together.  

The artists get real about their luxury lifestyle, especially 21 as he brings up the dangers of being a famous rapper as he spits, “Yellow diamonds in the watch, this sh*t cost a lot, Never send a b*tch your dot, that’s how you get shot”.  

In addition, the song is already in the limelight for being misogynistic, portraying women as sexual objects and bringing up fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion and Drake’s controversial past relationship. 21 calls on the situation-ship by saying “I layup with her for a couple days, then its BRB”, and copies Stallion’s beat from her song “I’m a Savage”.  

Drake is known for proudly representing his hometown of Toronto in his lyrics and even going as far as giving the city a nickname, “The Six”. In a new song called “More M’s” he gives a shoutout to the Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey team in his lyrics, “Used to be in ‘Sauga out at Sega City Playdium, Skatin’ through this album like a Montreal Canadien”. Though this may cause conflict for Toronto Maple Leaf fans, we have to give Drake props for including Canadian culture in his lyrics.  

Did you give the album a listen yet? If not, Drake and 21 Savage might say it’s your loss.

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