Open Cord: Most hated viral video

Question: Last week we talked about our favourite viral videos but let’s face it, some of them can be downright enraging. Which “funny” viral video managed to do nothing but piss you off?

Marissa Evans, Lead Reporter

I’m not sure if this is considered a “viral video” and I don’t even remember the name of it, but let’s disregard all that. When I was little I remember my parents calling me over to the computer to watch a video. The video pictured a living room, and if I paid really close attention, they said, you could see a ghost come into the room. So I sat there, my face close to the monitor, eyes, unblinking, trained to the screen. After about 30 seconds a face popped up out of nowhere, accompanied by a screaming sound. I’m pretty sure I cried, I was so startled. Anyway, I was super angry with my parents for showing it to me (they thought it was hilarious of course). Looking back I guess my reaction to it was pretty funny, but I will forever hate the video.

Justin Fauteux, Editor-in-Chief

I remember being in grade eight and all my friends were using this stupid French accent, talking about the end of the world, “firing ze missles” and Kangaroos saying “WTF mate?”. And I just never saw the humour. Then I watched the video. I still didn’t see any humour and was subjected to another three months of people inexplicably getting hysterical laughter by saying “but I’m le tired”. 13 million views? Sometimes I really hate the Internet. Oh, also any of the “Shit ______ say” videos. They’re just people saying words. How is that funny?

Carly Basch, Life Editor

Charlie the Unicorn . *Yawn* booooooring!

Alanna Fairey, Lead Reporter

This video wasn’t necessarily viral, but it was a video that everyone told me that I had to watch. It was this creepy cartoon called Salad Fingers and I don’t even have the words to describe how disturbed I was and still am after watching this video. There are a series of adventures that the character goes through and I feel like I’m just watching a demented and a really shitty knock-off version of a Tim Burton movie. Only difference is, Tim Burton actually has the right amount of talent to make creepy cartoons. This is just disturbing for different reasons. I damn whoever made me watch this video in the first place.

Justin Smirlies, Managing Editor: News

Apparently I must have no soul or something, but I typically don’t find young children funny. Yeah, they’re cute and all, and they say ridiculous things that might make me smirk, but most of the time they just cry and poop. So the one viral video that I have never found funny is “Charlie bit my finger.” Seriously? This was a YouTube phenomenon? “David After the Dentist” I understand because that kid was tripping and seriously doubting his existence, but when some kid just gets his finger bit by his younger brother people lose their shit? Maybe it was because he was British, I don’t know. Or maybe I really just don’t have a soul.

Elizabeth DiCesare, Campus News Editor

A lot of videos really grind my gears, but lately, it’s been this one. I don’t know why people are so obsessed with this sad excuse for a song. It’s not catchy, it just makes me want to punch everyone around me.

Shaun Fitl, Web Editor

I guess this would be considered viral. I definitely think it is a virus.

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