Can’t hang out, in hibernation mode. Those six words sum up my reading week to the core. While my friends were partying in the Dominican, soaking up the sun in Florida and skiing at Blue Mountain, I was stuck at home like the other poor souls doing nothing but catching up on some sleep.

Why is it called reading week? Students on Twitter have mentioned this and all I have to say is let’s be realistic, even if students have homework during the week, you’re going to bullshit that last-minute paper or cram hard for the midterm the Sunday before you go back to school. Sure, I may have a 40 per cent midterm on Tuesday but do you think I would spend a lovely week off studying? Hell no.

Mike Lakusiak sums up his reading week into, “What day is it? I’m hungover.” This is what I’m talking about. Reading week is just like Frosh or Frost week; you get up and ask yourself what the fuck happened last night? You see your kitchen chairs thrown in your living room, different types of liquid all over your floors, and pizza boxes scattered everywhere from Twice the Deal. So you begin your day by re-organizing your furniture before your friends come over again, clean up the shit on the floors and wash out those Dixie cups. Then you begin all over again. This is a reading week where your time was well spent.

“I need another damn Reading Week,” tweeted Brie Berry. Well Brie, knowing that a potential strike is right at our doorstep as of Mar. 3. On Laurier’s webpage it says that the university wants to reach an agreement quickly, but York University said the same thing; and what do you know, it was “quickly” solved three months later. I’ve already begun to look at Red Tag Deals for a vacation because we know bargaining is just so simple, right?

Wil Schreiber described his reading week as, “To much stuff too little time.” Reading week is meant to give students a break from the hectic life of being at school. However, when I came home to an empty fridge, no home cooked meal and my parents asking me to go outside and salt the driveway, I thought to myself, ‘I should have just stayed at the university’.

Why did I think it would be different at home? Oh right, I thought my parents would be able to take care of me for one week, instead I was running around all break doing errands and being woken up in the middle of the night to pick up my younger sibling who was partying harder than I was.

Being offered a week to do absolutely nothing is worthwhile if you have some plans. Jordan Epstein tweeted, “Eat well, work, sleep. Rinse, repeat.” Another student Matt Honsberger told @cordarts, “Extreme Toronto touristing with lovely girlfriend,” and Jessica Ladouceur described her reading week as “Star wars. All six of them.”

Even if you couldn’t afford to leave Canada for a week and party hard in another country, busting your ass around the cities of Ontario or just sleeping for 100 out of the 168 hours of reading week was just as entertaining.

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