5 study spots in Kitchener-Waterloo

At some point when the empty water bottles multiply and piles of clothes get bigger, studying in your room starts to feel impossible. In times like these, on-campus and local spots in Kitchener-Waterloo offer us sanctuary to get work done. They can be hard to find, though, so here are five of the best-rated ones to save you some time. 

Princess Cafe 

Located on King Street North, this cafe is ideal for those who prefer quiet study environments. While it can get noisy in early evenings over the weekends, it’s usually a peaceful place that helps with productivity. The menu is a comfort food lover’s delight, with soups, paninis, and rotating craft beers for post-study celebrations — or pain-relief. 

Peter’s Building

Maybe I’m biased and just like seeing the name of my faculty plastered everywhere, but the Peter’s Building Arts Atrium on the Laurier campus is perfect for late-night cram sessions. It’s a smaller space, which offers more privacy and limits distractions. At the same time, the large tables and circular layout make it suitable for group studying. 

Davis Centre Library 

There’s a certain appeal to this University of Waterloo library that comes from its sheer vastness — or the amount of hyper-focused students inside. With power outlets on nearly every desk, a silence policy, and Tim Horton’s right outside, it has all the necessities covered. The only inconvenience is the shortage of chairs that often befalls visitors, so make sure to arrive before the crowd. 

Seven Shores 

Warmer days can be spent on the patio of this bakery/cafe on Regina Street North, and colder ones indoors. Customers describe it as a relaxed atmosphere with a local friendliness that can provide relief for school-related stress. The menu is also flexible and will appeal to vegetarians in particular, with options such as fresh spring rolls and veggie burgers. 

Science Building 

This on-campus study space has the comfort of a supermarket food court without too much of the bustle and smells. Trees and skylights offer a refreshing, natural element that can come in handy during winter months. It’s a common choice for study groups who prefer to collaborate on work.

As the semester gets busier, these study spots just might be the backdrop you’ve been looking for to support your studies.

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