You know what yanks my cord…


… Kittens! That’s right! Cute, adorable kittens!

Those little tiny fuzz balls that just run around and play all day. The ones that just sit there and look up at you with those big, round eyes and beg you to love them.

Kittens are great if they don’t belong to you. You get to pet them and snuggle with them and then go home. You don’t have to worry about any of the serious responsibilities that a pet owner deals with on a daily basis.

Because let me tell you, kittens are high-maintenance little devils that require constant care. You have to feed them, water them, scoop their poop and stop them from playing inside the toilet. Whoever said that kittens are an independent pet was a liar!

They scratch at your bedroom door all night wanting in. They sit on your keyboard when you’re trying to type. They jump on the table and eat your dinner when you’re not looking. Those damn, sneaky kittens!

I don’t care how cute kittens are, they are crazy animals that get you to love them, and then knock your glass of water all over your N64 controllers.

Or maybe I’m just crazed because I don’t own one of my own.

–Elizabeth DiCesare

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