You know what yanks my Cord..

…people who stick gum under desks and chairs. My bitterness towards these people stems from the fact that I likely hold the world record for touching a wad of gum stuck under a desk or chair.

Don’t get me wrong, I love chewing gum as much as the next person but if you’re going to do it, chew responsibly.

By choosing to engage in gum chewing, you automatically take on the responsibility of disposing of it in a way that is mutually beneficial — that is for you, the gum chewer and myself or anyone who may sit in the very spot where you chewed the gum in the first place.

It is fully understandable that once gum has lost its flavor, chewing it becomes anything but an enjoyable experience — think Juicyfruit. Yet this gum does not belong under a chair or desk, as it will eventually and inevitably be touched by an unsuspecting individual simply going about their day.

Gum should be thrown into the trash can. This can be done quite simply by approaching a disposal unit and tossing it in.

An individual unable to find a trash can or leave one’s seat may tear off a corner of a piece of paper and wrap it around the gum — this creates a neat sort of package. Afterwards, when the opportunity presents itself, the wrapped gum may be disposed of. Ah, who would have thought that the solution to what seems to be a widespread problem on university campuses could be so effortless?

Indeed, the simplicity of the gum disposal process means that those who choose not to follow it are for the most part lazy and inconsiderate, especially towards cleaning crews who must struggle to get it off these surfaces.
So it appears quite clear that refraining from sticking gum under desks, chairs and any other conceivable surface is unnecessary, inconsiderate and quite frankly, repulsive. As such, gum chewers should take responsibility and ensure that their chewed Tridents and Juicyfruits end up where they belong — the trash can.