World in brief: Oct. 28, 2009


CNN has reported that a 92-year-old woman was arrested at Madrid’s airport for attempting to smuggle nearly 9.5 lbs of cocaine. The woman, and her younger accomplice, had flown from Brazil and attempted to make a connection flight to the Canary Islands when civil guards apprehended the two at the gate.


According to Euronews, two of Greece’s most notorious criminals have escaped from jail via helicopter. As this is the second time in three years the men have made an aerial escape from incarceration, Greece’s justice minister has called for the resignation of the prison director.


Children of the Mount Zion Lighthouse have been accused of witchcraft. The LA Times has uncovered that over 15,000 children have been accused and subject to torture. Best estimates indicate that over 1,000 children have been murdered.


The BBC reports that Lebanese pop princess Haifa Wehbe is facing criticism for her newest song “Baba Fein?” (“Where’s Daddy?). Her lyrics about a Nubian monkey have inspired allegations of racism. A group of Nubian lawyers announced that they intend to sue Wehbe.