WLUSU to host Retro Rewind at Turret

Though the Turret has remained closed to the general Laurier student body on Friday nights since last March, this Friday it will be open for a special Retro Rewind event hosted by campus clubs.

Lawrence Maclin, assistant vice-president of campus clubs and faculty associations, said that his team wanted to give students an opportunity to “enjoy Retro Rewind one more time this year.”

“Retro Rewind in previous years was very successful, and we felt that there was still a very strong demand for it,” said Maclin.

Laura Sheridan, president of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union, explained that she thinks the night will appeal to the student body, because of positive retro experiences many Laurier students had in the past.

“Of course it [will] bring back memories of regular Retro Rewinds at the Turret last year, but this is for one night only,” she said.

Sheridan explained the on-campus nightclub has been reserving Friday nights for committees, clubs and students to book and run their events.

This was a decision of the Turret strategic planning committee, in response to the student survey that was launched earlier this year.

“It’s natural for there to be changes in what’s offered through the Turret, because we always want to be designing a program that’s best suited to the demographic of students coming through Laurier,” said Sheridan.

Sheridan explained that the strategic plan identified that it would be ideal for WLUSU to have only one Turret night a week.

“[This] is why we have our regular programming on Saturday evenings and open up the Turret on Friday nights for special events,” said Sheridan.

With the Turret opening up this Friday for such an event, Maclin is optimistic that the student body will really enjoy it, especially with dean of students David “Daddy Mac” McMurray and DJ Jeyas Balaskanthan on the guest list.

“It’s going to be a really exciting event, and we are expecting a lot of people to come out.”