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The Senate at Laurier deals with the academic operations of the university. Seven students sit on the senate with two-year terms. 

Senate candidate, Alicia Appleby.
Student senator candidate, Alicia Appleby.

Alicia Appleby

This candidate did not submit a platform.

TJ Edmondson

Student senator candidate, TJ Edmonson.
Student senator candidate, TJ Edmondson.

I am a second year Honors Economics and Accounting student who believes in accountability, transparency and approachability. It is with these three beliefs as the basis of my candidacy that I believe I can represent the student body effectively as a member of the WLU Senate.

I am currently a member of the WLUSU Board of directors, work as an Innovation and Economic Policy Research Assistant, and am involved in many other ways with our campus clubs and community. I believe that I carry an array of skill sets and perspectives that will prove beneficial as a student representative.

I believe that the academic standing of our university is one to be admired, and because of this I promise to work, and continue to build upon this legacy, to help Laurier be the best it can be.

Sujaay Jagannathan

Student senator candidate, Sujaay Jagannathan.

Hello, my name is Sujaay Jagannathan. I am currently in second year studying Health Science, hoping to represent Laurier students on the Senate and as a Board of Director next year. In the past, I voiced students as a Grade 12 Representative at my High School, the Faculty of Science Divisional Council at Laurier. I feel we (students) should have a fair say on how the education system is run and drive improvements.

I plan to reach out to students and work closely with Students’ Union, University affairs and the Senate to address issues with increasing study spaces, LORIS during course registration, and provide general feedback for professors and lab coordinators. With a new campus underway in Milton, I will work closely with administrators to create a student friendly education system. Vote Sujaay, you won’t regret it!

Chris Mock

Student senator candidate, Chris Mock
Student senator candidate, Chris Mock

As student senator, I will strive to represent, advocate and act in a manor which are in the best interests of the Laurier Undergraduate Student Body. Having worked with University affairs and having been a student on the Brantford Campus as well as the Waterloo Campus, I can ensure that the students voice and interests are not lost in bureaucracy. I aim to encourage mutli-campus development, Academic integrity, and working to Develop a clear path for Laurier’s planning and development.

Nikhile Mookerji

Student senator candidate, Nik Mookerji.
Student senator candidate, Nik Mookerji.

My name is Nikhile Mookerji (Nik for short) and I am very excited to be running for the position of a Senate member in the upcoming election. Many students may not be familiar with what the role of the Senate is or even who they are. I want to make it my goal in the position as a Senate member to break down the barrier and make channels of communication of the activities of the Senate more accessible to students. When researching the role myself, I found a vast array of information on the WLU website including minutes, members, and responsibilities and was taken by surprise how important the Senate actually is. For instance, it was from the Senate level that the decision to have a fall reading week in the upcoming year came. Also, the Senate is where the implementation of the first year accounting course came about in/

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Student senator candidate, Trevor Thompson.
Student senator candidate, Trevor Thompson.

Trevor Thompson

My name is Trevor Thompson and I am a second year History and Political Science student.  If elected I will I will use my experience in advocating for students, gained representing students in the Faculty of Arts during my first year.  I will work to ensure there is more of an emphasis on Student Focused Teaching.  This will be done by advocating faculty evaluations that place more weight on teaching when determining promotion and tenure, ensuring that students are being provided with the best educational experience.  I will additionally work with the University to ensure that during exams, mandatory courses do not have their exams placed together but are spaced throughout the exam period.  This would allow students to have a more balanced exam schedule and improve their grades.  I would be a strong representative of all students if elected to the Senate and encourage you to vote February 5th.

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