WLUSU presidential platforms

Nolan Kreis

I will be upholding the virtues to which WLUSU stands for. By meeting the 4 ends, by supporting the committees, clubs and groups that make up our students union, by placing the values and needs of students above all else, and by continuing my dedication to campus safety and working with the University and Student Affairs to enhance and improve on student wants and needs, will make me a strong candidate for President of WLUSU.

I will be supporting the needs of Waterloo and Brantford, both on a multi-campus level, and on an individual level. Both campus’s needs are equally important to WLUSU, and will be represented equally by myself if elected.
Decisions regarding both campus’s will be made by those affected, not just a select few. With the new structure being introduced I know this may seem difficult, but with concerns that deal with Brantford specific I will be working with the Campus Experience Vice President (Brantford) and those directly affected by decisions that would be made in an open discussion available for all to attend.

The same would go for the Campus Experience Vice President (Waterloo) and those directly affected. Campus safety has always been a major concern and while I have been working consistently to make sure campus safety is always up to par from being a Don for two years and being on Foot Patrol for a year, I will continue to strive for safety excellence with the position of President.

Michael Onabolu

My name is Michael Onabolu. I’m a 4th year BBA Co-op major, Political Science minor.

I want to orient students on how to effectively use the Emergency Poles on campus and provide social opportunities that allow for students to express themselves in an inclusive environment.

I want to advocate that University Administration hold our available study space to a quality standard. Having more plugs in the science atrium, and improving the quality of the chairs and table in the DAWB study rooms, are ways I plan to help students more effectively utilize the study space on campus.

I want to work towards eradicating the stigmas surrounding mental illness, and educate students on ways they can take care of their own mental health. I also want to advocate that the University make mental wellbeing a priority and a consideration in academic planning (i.e. academic calendar, budget planning, etc).

I want to have a Financial Advisor for students to provide financial literature on how to budget and plan for the future. I want to ensure reimbursement for campus clubs remains a 4 day turnaround in actuality.

I want to hold Town Halls for representatives from the different University student services offices (ex. Counseling Services, Athletics, etc.) can come to discuss the current state of affairs, and students can ask questions and learn more about these services.

All of these wants, I want for the future students of the Laurier. If you want this as well, then please… Help Me, Help You.

Jenny Solda

My vision is to make the Students’ Union valuable for every student by focusing on communication, approachability, and transparency.

Advocating for and representing students…

Food Services: Improve overall quality, diverse options, and experience for students.

Class Sizes: Ensure the student to professor ratio is maintained.

Representation: Emphasize continuous outreach of student opinion to ensure the student voice is accurately represented.

Creating a safe and empowering environment…

Mental Health: Incorporate various initiatives that will address current student needs, promote mental wellness and awareness, along with creating permanent infrastructure to support the increasing demand.

Focus on leadership development: Focus on developing student leaders through training and transparency in volunteer positions.

Create a sustainable WLUSU: Work with EcoHawks to establish operational policies focused around making WLUSU more sustainable.

Hiring Process Re-evaluation: Re-evaluate and improve the hiring process of
STARR ensuring a fair and equitable process.

Increase of Temporary Study Space: Turn the Turret and Hawk’s Nest into temporary study space during the day.

Increasing opportunities for diverse social interaction…

Diverse Programming: Create cross campus events and better utilize WLUSU spaces including Wilf’s and the Turret in order to provide students with a wider array of programming options.

Orientation Week: Re-evaluate and improve aspects of Orientation Week in order to provide the best experience for first year students.
Improving transparency and communication with the student body…

Transparency: Provide students with continuous updates about WLUSU’s activities with monthly publications and clearer communication patterns.

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