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NOTE: Platforms have been published as the candidates sent them in. They have not been edited for spelling, grammar, or content.

Annie Constantinescu at Tuesday's Open Forum (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).
Annie Constantinescu at Tuesday’s Open Forum (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).

Annie Constantinescu

My platform is founded on three main pillars that will enact direct change and give Laurier students more opportunities to engage with the campus while enhancing their own experience.

With the help of our student body and their input on how we can improve our campuses, the following initiatives were brought about:

Make the Union’s resources more accessible and increase communication

Mobile App

Work alongside the current efforts of the Union and involve feedback from students to create an easily accessible hub of information on mobile devices

Press Conferences

Have an opportunity for students to hear the development of their Union and interact with the members by posing questions and inquiries

On-line Updates

Provide an easily accessible and understandable bi-weekly update for students that addresses the Union’s actions, plans and progress

Enhance collaboration between campus partners


– Continue to represent an accurate portrayal of campus life while maintaining an open line of communication between the Union and WLUSP in order to increase accountability and transparency

Residence Life

– Work with the First Year Task Force to better understand the first year dynamic and effectively meet their needs


– Implement Diversity and Equity training programs for all involved in Union activities to enhance our culture of equality and support

Provide a better campus experience for students


– Support an orientation that further advances the first year’s understanding of what they will encounter in the forthcoming months (eg. Academics, WLUSU, Campus Partners)

Study Spaces

– Optimizing the spaces we currently have by utilizing the information gathered from the Union’s seating audit (eg. Classrooms, Turret, Concourse, Senate & Board)

Mental Health

– Work with campus partners to further improve awareness and effectively connect students with the resources that they need

The Next Step Is Ours. Let’s take it together. __

Caleb Okwubido at Tuesday's Open Forum. (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).
Caleb Okwubido at Tuesday’s Open Forum. (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).

Caleb Okwubido-Williams

As a proud student of Wilfrid Laurier University, I personally believe that Student union, which is the representative of the entire student body, should be making its services accessible to all students. So far, majority of the students do not have an idea on how to access the services the union provides, all because of the inadequate communication channels. My platform consists of two themes, which are efficiency and safety.

Efficiency- what I mean by efficiency is making use of the available resources we have, take for instance the numerous TV’s around the campus can be better used such as by providing updates of services the union provides,  it can also be used to broadcast the board meetings  and the agenda package, which most students are unaware of. In addition, g etting feed backs from students on the accessibility of the services the student union provides. This can be done through an organised survey or student poll. Another way is creating committees among first year students, which I will meet with them once a month on both campuses to discuss issues affecting them (example stress management, e.t.c). Additionally, I will focus on making more use of the study space available in the concourse, and other university buildings.

Safety: Student safety is our primary concern, both mental and physical safety. To realize this goal of promoting a safe environment for all students, the student union will have to establish a better relationship with the Regional Police to educate students more about unsafe areas. The mental health/ safety of the student is one thing that cannot be neglected in an academic environment,  this will be made possible by promoting better and efficient  use of mental health services like the Peer Help Line, Burst your Bubble and Cerdian.

Dani Saad at Tuesday's Open Forum. (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).
Dani Saad at Tuesday’s Open Forum. (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).

Dani Saad

This proposal provides a foundation for my platform and all points mentioned have been made in accordance with the organizational goals of WLUSU.  The most important promise I make is that I will not make any promises I cannot keep.  I will not provide ideas or goals that are unrealistic. I will work in the best interest of the students, even if it means taking the more challenging path.  As President, I will serve all students equally regardless of faculty, campus, year, or program.  There are five key areas that my platform will address.  First, I will champion the improvement of study spaces on campus.  The University Librarian made clear the desire for renovation and increased capacity, particularly on the first floor.  If renovated, a 24-hour floor is an option which will be pursued.  Second, I will break down communication barriers.  Communication needs to improve between WLUSU and faculties, services, clubs, and individuals.  WLUSU needs to know the concerns of students so they can be addressed.   To start, I will move my office to the concourse once every week.  Third, I will work with Brantford to clarify main concerns and aspirations.  Brantford has unique issues that must be reflected in WLUSU goals.  Fourth, I will work towards increased campus security and student safety.  This includes advocating for Students’ Union services, improving relations with the Special Constable Service, and bringing the Emergency Notification System to Brantford.  The mental and physical security of students and is the ultimate responsibility of the school and WLUSU.  Fifth, I recognize the fiscal constraints of the upcoming year and know financial responsibility will be critical for success.   Funding  will be allocated based on the needs of the students.  I hope to achieve these five points through hard work, cooperation, and respect for others and the institution.

Jennifer Taborowski at Tuesday's Open Forum. (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).
Jennifer Taborowski at Tuesday’s Open Forum. (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).

Jennifer Taborowski

My role within the Students’ Union took a new direction when a year ago I was concerned that the voice of a group of students could go unheard. Afraid that no one would do anything, I decided to do something myself. The very next day, I picked up a nomination package and ran for the Board of Directors. Through my own personal experience of running and serving on the Board, I have come to value and believe in the importance of advocacy.  Advocacy is listening to students, and on their behalf working to make change.  I wish to further advocate mental health initiatives and training on both campuses.

It was my  passion for involvement and community that drew me to Laurier Brantford where I jumped in with both feet and got involved within my first year. My passion for involvement, working with students, and making a difference grew with each year as I became more and more involved. My experience on the Board has lead me to Waterloo where my passion for Laurier has flourished. Although the Waterloo campus was larger than the campus I was used too, I saw so many familiarities. My passion for student success will help drive my decisions to better serve students.

From new relationships comes growth.  The growth of individuals, partners, and an organization. A strong organization is not only stable and strong, but is one that is growing and improving to be the best that it can be. Our unique multi-campus design provides the opportunity to support and encourage growth in a variety of ways in multi places.  I envision potential new multi campus spaces and new student driven initiatives.

Together, through advocacy, passion, and growth, we can make something great within the Wlifred Laurier University Students’ Union!

Chris Walker at Tuesday's Open Forum. (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).
Chris Walker at Tuesday’s Open Forum. (Photo by Cristina Rucchetta).

Chris Walker

Throughout my Laurier journey, I have had the honour and privilege to learn from, lead, and represent my fellow students, currently as your Vice President: University Affairs. As a student, I have realized how enriching the Laurier experience can be, but it is far from perfect. In my many roles, I have seen that bold student-driven leadership can accomplish great things. By being open and responsive, we will enhance engagement and grow within the University community. By standing up for students, we will be the credible voice for a high quality education and a holistic experience. By promoting bold leadership, we will empower students with the services and support they need to reach their full potential. Whether you’re in Brantford or Waterloo, Laurier is a great place to be. But with  a knowledgeable and experienced leader, together we can do so much more!

The candidates’ full platforms can be found on the WLUSU website. 

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