WLUSU presidential candidate platforms

Check thecord.ca next week for platforms for the board of directors, board of governors and senate.

Sunny Chan

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I personally believe WLUSU should be “Providing Opportunities to Make a Difference”.

That difference is to make sure all undergraduate students of Wilfrid Laurier University feel welcome and are involve in university life outside the academic realms.

The opportunities are endless, as long as we provide the right service to cater to the needs of our student body as a group and even more as individuals. As your WLUSU President, I will make sure that WLUSU is run in the students’ best interests.

My WLUSU presidential platform consists of five themes:

  • Value-Approached; Attempt to create
    more value for the money that our
    shareholders invest in, and to ensure
    WLUSU exceed expectations with our

    Appreciation; Ensuring all our staff
    are recognized for their services and
    are fully appreciated; paid or not.

    Strategic Endeavours; Ensuring that
    the next Strategic Planning Report is
    reasonable and provides WLUSU with
    clear short-term goals.

    Reorganization; Attempt to
    reorganization the WLUSU structure to
    better fulfill our Ends Policy

Prudent Management; Ensuring your money is well spent, and WLUSU is accountable to its shareholders.

For more my full platform or my student-life experiences, please visit my website at www.sunnyyhchan.com.

Reed Collis

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My name is Reed Collis and I have gout. Gout is a serious problem but an even bigger one is WLUSU! The current leadership does not listen to you at all. They are only worried about their own twisted agendas. I know there jobs are hard but I think some changes need to be made to benefit the student body. If elected, I will let you tell me the issues.

Furthermore, I will let you tell me my opinion on these issues. I will do this through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. You send me your issues and I will create an online poll to find out what the student body thinks.

Whatever the student body wants me to do on an issue I will stand behind it 100% no matter what.

Additionally, I have many ideas on how to cut costs and increase revenues throughout the school, passing the saving on to you $$$ . One issue that has always bothered me is voter turnout. Only 10% of the students at Laurier actually vote?

To combat this, if elected I will suggest holding a Voter Apparition Gathering, in which anyone who votes in the election will receive free admission too.

At this, there will be beer, coolers, pop, food, and entertainment. This will be the biggest event in the history of the university and if you vote (regardless of whom you vote for) you can come. This event will be like Oktoberfest on steroids with free food and drink! Vote.

Lawrence Maclin

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Meaningful Communication and Representation

It is so important that the Students’ Union communicate and responsibly inform all students on the many university wide opportunities that exist. As President, I intend to ensure that we maximize the available classroom study space that is already available, and underutilized for student use during examination periods.

Growing Tradition and Developing for Future Needs

As President, I promise to oversee a renovation of the Terrace Food Court that will provide a large additional seating capacity and utilize efficient use of current space. It is essential that the President re-evaluate and formalize new Campus Club policy agreements that will more readily allow club members greater control over their experiences. I intend on replacing poster boards in the FNCC with LCD television monitors. This change will allow all advertising to become electronic, thus eliminating paper waste.

Passionate and Experienced Leadership

I intend to recognize and thank our volunteers by providing them the opportunity to call family and friends free of charge. As President, I intend to ensure that all Laurier students are provided for and are able to voice their opinions, concerns, and suggestions.

Brantford Platform

Safety and security in Brantford is an ongoing concern. A joint programming effort with Special Constables will be able to help create a safe campus feel.

I intend to work with the EVP: Brantford to assist in providing a more enjoyable student experience which entails utilizing the already available and licensed Multi Purpose room.

Please visit www.VOTEMACLIN.com for my extended platform.

Kory Preston

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In this brief period of the Presidential Campaign I have been truly humbled by the outstanding support from members of the Laurier community for the “Vote Kory PRESton” campaign team.

It is important to me that these election periods continue to focus on the real concerns of students, and the need to PRES the Issue. In the coming year we are faced with a number of challenges, challenges that we together will overcome.

We must address the following threats and injustices:

-soaring student to faculty ratio

-potential part-time faculty strike

-seizure of one card funds and discrimination against first-year students

-a Brantford campus in need of a direction

As President of your Students’ Union I will:

-PRES for Integrity: by holding the administration accountable and demanding a lower student to faculty ratio, preserving our small school atmosphere.

-PRES for my Strike Prevention Strategy: to make sure no student ever has his or her academic life held hostage.

-PRES for Fairness and Justice: to cease the theft of One Card funds from our first-years and create a first year friendly Turret.

-PRES for Empowerment: by hiring a Brantford General Manager in order to develop a vision for WLUSU Brantford.

-PRES for Sustainability: implementing better, healthier, more local food on campus and introduce a Daily Value Menu at Wilf’s.

Please check out www.korypreston.ca for more information. On February 4th, choose the voice of experience, YOUR voice. Vote Kory PRESton for WLUSU PRESident.

Kyle Walker

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Although Laurier is an incredible place to study, live and play, post-secondary institutions never stop growing and changing. Therefore, we must continue to look forward. There is no limit for success; we can always do better. I will advocate on students’ behalf for increased spending and focus on information technologies, including but not limited to, further Laurier Wireless expansion, improved LORIS registration processes, the creation of laptop ‘plug and go’ stations, and the construction of collaboration areas. I will lobby to have the Fall study days moved to the end of the Thanksgiving Holiday for a greater opportunity to stay ahead of academics. I plan to work with campus partners to consolidate grant fund applications to a single application, allowing easier access to funding. I also will work toward having all WLUSU businesses environmentally certified through GreenTick®. Furthermore, I will hold monthly grassroots meetings for all Laurier community members and monthly conference calls for volunteers to anonymously share concerns directly with myself. In addition, Laurier Brantford will see the creation of a Brantford Campus Pub Planning Committee, an Emergency Response Team, extended Foot Patrol hours, and strong advocacy to have more Brantford students on University Senate committees. Our campaign is planning to raise $1000 to support ACCESS, a charity that provides school supplies to children in the developing world. Together, we will do better. Vote for a strong voice, innovative thinking and collaborative leadership. Vote Kyle Walker. Visit www.kwalks.com for more information and full platform.