WLUSU presidential candidate platforms

Students' Union presidential candidate, Chandler Jolliffe.
Students’ Union presidential candidate, Chandler Jolliffe.

Chandler Jolliffe

My goal as President and CEO of the Laurier Student’s Union is to focus first and foremost on delivering high quality, accessible services and programming for students to enhance their Laurier experience. Focusing on financial accountability by prioritizing spending on student services and full transparency of ALL Union spending.  Fostering a safe environment for students through the development of the wellness centre, creating ease of access to physical and mental health resources in addition to increased education and support for sexual assault.  Improving collaboration with all partners including food services and faculty associations.  I will have a presence across both campuses to ensure representation and cultivate growth.  There is a desire for expanded study space that can be achieved with better classroom access and a 24h access library. It is my goal to ensure that the Students’ Union provides an enhanced experience for the students.  See more at www.ChandlerForPresident.com

Students' Union presidential candidate, Sam Lambert.
Students’ Union presidential candidate, Sam Lambert.

Sam Lambert

My goal for the Students’ Union is to bring emphasis back to you. The purpose of this organization is to advocate and represent students and their needs, and although high-level administrative issues are important, they shouldn’t be the focus. The student experience needs to be top of mind, and that is exactly where I intend to keep it. My platform is centered on ideas and initiatives that every undergraduate student can gain something from, including improved study space, more resources to help manage financial distress and mental health issues, and an improved hiring process. I want you to engage with the Union, and to recognize what it can do for you throughout your career at Laurier. This school is what it is because of you, and you should always be the focus. If you want some more information, check out alwaysputtingyoufirst.co


Students' Union presidential candidate, Justin Tabakian.
Students’ Union presidential candidate, Justin Tabakian.

Justin Tabakian

My Presidential Platform consists of two overarching branches that will enhance the opportunities, resources and leadership provided by your Students’ Union. By utilizing student feedback and opinion, I have created a strategy that will address important issues and promote positive change within the Laurier community.

1. Communication & Transparency

  • Remodeled Students’ Union website
  • Weekly On-Campus Availability
  • Integrated Laurier App

2. Enhancing the Goldenhawk Experience

  • Improved ITS Services Campus-wide
  • Bike Share Initiative
  • Terrace Patio and Green Space

Through my experiences at Laurier I feel like I would be the ideal candidate to represent the average student. I believe the Students’ Union should operate from a holistic student standpoint. A Students’ Union should emphasize strong value of the student experience. I recognize mental health, campus safety and fiscal responsibility as priorities for the Students’ Union to advocate for. My fresh perspective is ideal for leading the Students’ Union towards a successful future.

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