WLUSU not to blame for lack of gender parity


WLUSU not to blame for lack of gender parity
RE: Lack of female interest in BOD unfortunate, Jan 19

I am glad you highlighted the two female directors this year on the board. I also wish you had given a shout out to Jackie Dobson and Laura Sheridan, likely two of the best WLUSU politicians we saw this past decade.

I’m not sure though why it is the Students’ Union’s fault that women aren’t running for the board or presidency. When I was retiring from the board, I sought out people to further my ideals on the board. If female directors don’t find their own replacement then part of the onus falls upon them to have inspired new talent. Most of the blame falls on the general population to have failed to represent themselves.

Finally, I actually don’t think that gender or ethnicity make a difference on the board. Directors are there to represent all students, not a special constituency of colour or ethnicity.

—Andrew Fryer

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