WLUSU hires social media coordinator


The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union (WLUSU) has created a new position in the organization to correspond with an increased focus on digital promotion to students. The position of social media coordinator is meant to create a structure for all of WLUSU’s operations including its clubs’ utilization of social media.

Paula Millar, a fifth-year communications and global studies major has been hired for the role. She will oversee use of tools including Twitter, Facebook and the union’s forthcoming smartphone application as well as to some extent the new digital screens and signage installed on campus.

“The idea is to have someone who can coordinate all the social media that the students’ union has,” said Phil Champagne, WLUSU marketing and communications manager who added the aim of the role is twofold, ensuring the accuracy of information and helping to develop plans for how various WLUSU departments will utilize social media.

WLUSU president Kyle Walker emphasized the role social media will play in promotions and various aspects of union operations in the future.

“Over the course of the summer we’ve really changed direction in terms of how we’re connecting with students. We’re really trying to go to where students are rather than having them come to us,” he explained.

“We invested a lot of money in the website and I don’t think, to be honest, that a lot of students are that interested in having to go and seek out information,” said Walker.

“We need to do a better job of telling students what we’re doing and giving the information to them where they are.”

Champagne noted that the position was first discussed in the spring and interviews took place in June.

“It will very much be a pioneering year trying to figure out what we need that position to be,” Champagne said, leading into why Millar was ultimately hired.

“I think she’s got the tools to be that person to help us basically mold that position to what it’s going to be for years to come.”

Until August Millar was The Cord’s Local and National editor. She resigned to take the social media coordinator position and as yet no one has been rehired to head the section.

Despite repeated requests for an interview before the print deadline, Millar refused to comment.

“It definitely crossed our minds,” Champagne said when asked if the implications of Millar leaving Student Publications for WLUSU were considered in the hiring process.

“We were hoping that her relationship with [Publications] would be strong enough that it wouldn’t end up as awkward as it appears to be heading. Personally, I viewed it as a potential bridge between the two.”

“I’ll encourage her and work with her and Pam Blomfield [vice president of public affairs] to try and get it back on course and see if we can’t build that relationship,” he added. “Hopefully there hasn’t been too much damage done.”

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