WLUSP elects student reps

On Thursday night, students supporting Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (WLUSP) were brought together at the organization’s annual general meeting (AGM) to vote in a new president and four board members for the upcoming year, with 87 registered members in attendance along with 112 proxy votes.

This was the second largest turnout since its separation from Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union seven years ago.

“The atmosphere was great,” said Bryn Ossington, executive director of WLUSP. “It was really nice to have a very cordial race, a good number of candidates, a race for both president and board that had no controversy and had qualified candidates.”

This year’s WLUSP AGM also featured more drama than years past as last year all positions were acclaimed and the year before that Ossington was acclaimed as president.

“I think that’s a big reason why for the first time in a few years we haven’t had to be pulling in votes at the last minute,” said Ossington. “It’s great to see that people have a vested interest in WLUSP.”

The evening supplied drinks and appetizers along with a keynote from 570 News radio personality, Gary Doyle. Doyle’s entertaining and informative share of stories and journalistic wisdom served as an intermission between voting and the declaration of results to bring the meeting to its close.

Running for president were Mike Lakusiak and Emily Frost. Lakusiak, who is currently the In Depth Editor of The Cord, started with WLUSP three years ago and has maintained a consistent dedication to the paper in particular. Frost, as well, began her involvement with WLUSP three years prior, working predominantly with Radio Laurier as host of the A and E show, events manager and serving on the executive committee.

The four positions available for WLUSP’s board were treasurer, vice chair and two directors. Running for election, students Justin Smirlies, Kayla Darrach, Joseph McNinch-Pazzano, Tom Paddock and Jon Pryce delivered their speeches following those of the running presidents.

Each candidate was then subject to questions from the crowd and asked to present a closing statement.

In conclusion, the four students who will be taking their place on WLUSP’s board next year will be Darrach, McNinch-Pazzano, Haddock and Pryce. Frost was voted in to be the future president of the organization.

“My main goals are to keep doing what we’re doing and continue producing amazing publications and to really bring this organization together,” Frost told The Cord.

“I’m extremely volunteer oriented, my whole basis has been about volunteer experience and making things better so that volunteers come out of this getting what they wanted … volunteers are the reason that we’re here.”

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