WLUSP AGM set for Jan. 25

The WLUSP annual general meeting will be held on Jan. 25, 2010 in the Turret on the fourth flour of the FNCC. At 7 p.m. there will be a reception and meet and greet with the candidates, followed by speeches and proposed by-law changes at 8 p.m. Voting will begin at 8:45 p.m. and a guest speaker will take the stage at 9:15 before the announcement of results and adjournment at 9:50 p.m.

President and CEO (acclaimed)

Bryn Ossington

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“I’m not done yet.”

Board of director candidates

Erin Epp

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“WLUSP is an exceptional media organization that I have been privileged to work with both as a writer and as Editor-in-Chief of Blueprint Magazine. As a director of WLUSP, I would apply my knowledge of the organization gained through my volunteer experiences to ensure WLUSP’s long-term sustainability and growth. I would also implement policies to ensure that every volunteer’s experience is fulfilling, educational and fun; as a volunteer-driven organization, it’s of the utmost importance that WLUSP implements and engages further with diversity and anti-oppressive policies. It is also crucial that we increase the presence of student publications in the greater KW community. This would increase the resources available to the organization and create long-term ties with off-campus initiatives. A university should not exist independent from the community in which it exists, and the first step to bridging the gap between campus and community is through media publications.”

Tarun Gambhir

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“My name is Tarun Gambhir and I am currently a Residence Life Don in Willison Hall. If elected, my commitment combined with determination will further build upon the foundation established within student publications. I will seek to provide quality publications that appeal to the greater Laurier community in ensuring that our student body is well informed. I intend on playing a pivotal role in connecting the Laurier community by providing a breadth of opportunities through the student publications.

My experience as a Residence Life Don has allowed me to grasp the dynamics of working on a team in accomplishing a set of common goals. It has developed my ability to communicate effectively with my fellow staff members, while acknowledging and being responsive to their input. My role has proven me to be a highly interactive member within the Laurier community. My fervour, reliability and motivation will serve as important functions as a director.”

David Goldberg

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“My name is David Goldberg and I am currently an editor at The Cord. The primary reason I am vying for a director position is the new challenge it will present me with. I have been volunteering with WLUSP for four years now which has provided me with an understanding of how the organization functions. My tenure with student publications has enabled me to distinguish between what allows us to operate efficiently and what inhibits us – requiring a revaluation of our practices. I would be a valuable director to WLUSP because of my existing rapport with my colleagues. Most importantly, this includes my involvement with both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses and their respective publications. I am the one candidate who knows both operations well.”

Jordan Hyde

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“My name is Jordan Hyde and I am the current chair of the Wilfrid Laurier Student Publications Board of Directors. If re-elected, I will strive to build upon the framework developed over the past year by the 2009/2010 board of directors and management team. My objectives as a director are to work towards engaging Laurier’s vast community by providing meaningful and high quality student publications. It is my hope that these publications will aid in providing opportunities and education to all Laurier students.”

Luay Salman

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“My name is Luay Salman and I am a business student who is running for board of directors for my third year. I hope to once again take part in WLUSP and its legacy next year and to further strengthen its image on campus. WLUSP is a vibrant and important organization that brings the already tightly knit Laurier community even closer. It enables students and staff to express their feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Together we can create a lasting impression that reaches far beyond a school paper.”