WLU Student Life Levy approves nine on-campus projects


Photo by Jessica Dik
Photo by Jessica Dik

The Student Life Levy committee at Wilfrid Laurier University has officially approved funding for nine on-campus projects.

Student Life Levy, which is a pool of money used for one-time projects to enhance student life, is given out three times throughout the year. This year, there were 25 applicants from faculties and students.

“Most of the applications were students, the rest were faculty or staff members of the university for different projects within the school,” said Colin Aitchison, chair of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union board of directors and chief governing officer.

“We funded nine [projects] and in total that came to $53,702.”

The two main projects approved were Accessible Learning Accommodation Bursary for Laurier’s International Students, which received $20,000,  and a multi-faith prayer and meditation space in Bricker Academic, which will receive $14,981.00. Staff members submitted both.

The university put forward an application for a student community-lending cupboard, which would help students with dishes and utensils for their food.

“There was an application from the university to make a student community lending cupboard for dishes and stuff, Tupperware, stuff like that to help students who demonstrate financial needs,” said Aitchison.

The Student’s Union also submitted applications for their new #LaurierVotes branding that will be used throughout the federal and Students’ Union elections, as well as for Foot Patrol to increase safety equipment within the organization. Both projects will receive $2,800 and $2,200 respectively.

Additional projects from various staff members and students will receive the rest of the funding.

The next application deadline for the Student Life Levy will be set this coming October, with the meeting to approve projects held soon after.

“The meeting with either be in October or November for the next set of dispersal and then the Brantford one will be starting up that semester as well,” said Aitchison.

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