Why support varsity athletics?


(Graphic by Wade Thompson)

10) Something different to do on a weekend
We know that the bars in Waterloo are well occupied almost every night of the week, but if you’ve walked up and down King Street one too many times, then perhaps you’re looking for a change of scenery. Varsity sports give you options to do something aside from going back to the same bar, ordering the same drinks and seeing the same crowd.

9) Cheap, cheap, cheap!
Around this time of the year, money is becoming something of a rare item. Varsity games charge very little for entrance and students get a discount. So, if your wallet is feeling a little lighter than usual but you don’t want to become a homebody, then perhaps a varsity game is for you.

8) Athleticism at its finest
We hear a lot of stories about former OUA athletes who find their way to the big show, but very few of us can actually say that they saw that athlete in their youth.

7) A walk down memory lane
Many students are former athletes who haven’t played a competitive sport in years. You begin to feel reconnected to the sport by remembering “the good old days.” Heck, it might even inspire you to get back into that sport you left long ago.

6) A good way to “check out” athletes
Okay, we’re only human. And, some of us have “interests” in certain types of people. All we’re saying is that it is not an uncommon thing to have a look at Laurier athletes and, oh I don’t know, “casually” bump into them at the Turret.

5) Become a part of something bigger
Although professional sports are a great pastime and passion, they can often be unforgiving and rather selfish. Following a Laurier team all the way to the end gives you a chance to become a part of the athletic community we always see advertised.

4) Conversation starter
Being students, our vocabulary often seems limited to that of drunken nights at the bar, gossip between our circle of friends, or whining about school. Educating yourself on Laurier sports might come in handy if you find yourself chatting with a sports enthusiast.

3) Give support to teams that desperately need it
It’s not until we see games where the turnout is mostly family and friends that we realize something is wrong. Imagine the rush athletes feel when a crowd of wildly cheering fans comes to their games. Who are we to deny a varsity team a chance to showcase their talent to a group of adoring strangers?

2) Our teams are actually pretty good
Are you aware that the women’s soccer team were OUA finalists? Did you know that the women’s curling team are two-time CIS champions? And Laurier’s women’s hockey team just won their eighth OUA in nine years. It only makes sense to recognize the talent of Laurier’s athletes.

1) School spirit
Number one goes to the fact that Laurier is known for its fantastic school spirit. Not many universities have a student body that’s willing to dress up, paint their faces and cheer their hearts out at events. Own that purple and gold.

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