Why is it such a big deal for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) to essentially move out on their own?

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Whether you love the Royal Family, you can’t stand them or you’re somewhere in the middle, it’s been impossible to avoid the constant barrage of recent news surrounding Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

After announcing that they have decided to step away from their duties as official senior members of the Royal Family and split their time between Canada and the U.K., the internet has been a whirlwind of speculation and discussion over the controversial choice.

Amongst these conversations, there has been a significant amount of unabashed hatred, cruelty and venom directed towards Markle. With baseless accusations and insults surrounding her “controlling” behaviour, blood-sucking ways and gold-digging aspirations, there’s been very little criticism directed towards her husband and an onslaught of backlash positioned against her instead.

In a time of supposed evolving progressiveness, I find it apalling that people will continue to baselessly tear apart a woman they don’t know over something as frivelous and insignificant as this.

The press has been ruthless in their crusade against Markle, endlessly picking apart every single thing she does, says or wears.

Her hurtful and selfish father has been poked and prodded countless times in order to defame and slander his own daughter to further tarnish her image. And as a mixed race American actress, she has been portrayed by the media as a graceless witch, furthering the hateful commentary that has been generated against her.

Markle’s sister-in-law, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has been praised and adored in comparison, quite often, for doing and wearing the same things.

A narrative has been constructed around the two women that has placed one as a villain and the other as an angelic Disney princess.

Numerous articles were shared when Markle was pregnant with her son Archie of her cradling her baby bump. Writers and commenters called this action “selfish,” “attention- seeking” and “ridiculous.”

Her mere existence is seemingly an insult to some people, and it doesn’t shock me that they made the conscious choice to seperate themselves from the toxcity that would ultimately negatively affect anyone who was forced to experience it.

Regardless of whether or not you like her, Markle is a human being who is worthy of basic respect.

Princess Diana was constantly harrassed by the paparazzi who ultimately played a role in her death.

And with the chances of Prince Harry becoming King slim to none, it isn’t surprising that he and his wife want to pull away from an environment that forces them to be placed under the unending scrunity of press for little to no fulfilment in return.

The energy that’s channeled into speculating the villainous intentions of Markle could be more useful if it was directed to other positive outlets instead.

It isn’t realistic to like everyone who steps into the public eye and acquires fame, people are entitled to have their own personal opinions about whoever they wish, celebrity or not.

However, it seems senseless to me to make an active effort publically announcing your intense dislike of someone, especially when it seems unwarranted. If someone’s biggest offense to you is that they aren’t the “right” match for someone you don’t actually know, then maybe it’s time to take a step back from your keyboard and find a new hobby.

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