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The questions:

  1. Why did you choose to meet here and
    how is this spot meaningful to you?

    Aside from the goal of representing
    and serving students, why do you
    want to be president?

    How well do you think WLUSU
    management is operating currently?
    What would you do better?

    What would make you a better
    president than your opponents?

    What is something about you that the
    electorate may not know?

Nick Gibson

Location: 24 Hour Lounge

Gibson is a fourth-year Political Science student with a minor in Psychology and French. He has been a three-time Icebreaker at O-Week, a Fashion ‘N Motion Volunteer and a member of the External Affairs Committee within the Students’ Union. He has also been president of the Laurier Young Liberals for two years and a member of the Sigma Chi International Fraternity.

  1. I enjoy the 24 lounge. It’s a very
    social atmosphere, you can also get
    your work out and things like that.
    Around exam time maybe not so much
    because it gets a little bit busy in
    here…. I just enjoy when I’m
    studying, for example sitting at a
    table and laboring over my work,
    being in a comfortable position….
    It’s that sort of balance between
    all of that … not stressing out
    too much.

    Well, I didn’t really think of it
    much beyond that. I guess I’m not
    sure if I’m really answering beyond
    that but I’ve enjoyed every single
    experience I’ve had at Laurier.
    Obviously there are days that are
    not the best in the world but every
    day and ever since I came to this
    campus I’ve just had a really good
    feeling about it. I sort of enjoy
    that I can give myself an
    opportunity to give back. But it’s
    sort of a combination of that and
    that I think I’d be good in the

    I sound like a broken record here
    but I think we run internally pretty
    well. Spending wise we need to be a
    lot more accountable. We were just
    talking about with things like the
    terrace expansion. Spending was not
    even the biggest problem. The
    biggest problem was the
    communication was awful and we broke
    procedure…. Those are problems. But
    the biggest thing like I said is
    that we have a lot of power in the
    students’ union and we need to get
    that psychology back that says ‘We
    are a strong union, we’re going to
    work with the university in a
    professional manner but we’re not
    going to get walked all over.’…
    Damaging the relationship with the
    university shouldn’t be our reason
    for not pushing for more.

    I think it goes back to this notion
    of balance. I think that the most
    important thing for a president is
    to have that knowledge … knowing
    exactly what they’re getting into.
    Obviously they’re going to have that
    learning curve going into it. The
    only person that wouldn’t have it is
    a returning president…. But I
    believe with my knowledge and
    background I may have a pretty small
    learning curve. But I also think I
    bring that balance in the sense that
    I’m someone who’s very approachable.
    I like to interact with students. I
    genuinely feel like I connect with
    students and I talk about their
    issues and their concerns. I think
    that sort of two-pronged balance is
    very important.

    I guess I can say two things. The
    first thing is for people who may
    not know me they see me as a guy
    doing flash mobs and commercials and
    stuff like that. The reason why I
    did that is because I don’t
    necessarily have the best name
    recognition, so I was trying to get
    my name out there … trying to have
    some fun during this campaign and I
    think it’s really important to
    engage students. But I do bring some
    substance. I do think my platform is
    very comprehensive but achievable….
    I guess in a fun sense people may
    not know that I’m a Leafs fan … it’s
    one of the more delusional things I
    have. I’m also a Jays fan which is a
    bit less delusional.

Aeron Lawrence

Location: 24 hour lounge computer lab

Lawrence is a fourth-year business student. He has been involved with DU@L (Discussing University at Laurier), Residence Life and was a Head Ice Breaker for Orientation Week. He has also been involved with A-Team, Habitat for Humanity and has worked as a Special Constables Dispatcher. Within Laurier Athletics, Lawrence has participated in men’s varsity rugby.

  1. The reason I chose to meet here is
    that it’s a place I find I get the
    most work done…. I spend most of my
    time on campus. I need some sort of
    noise while I’m studying … it’s
    something that I’ve grown to like.
    You get to see a lot of people
    coming in here too so it’s nice to
    see some friends on a daily basis.

    I’d like to be president because in
    my four years I’ve really gone
    around and tried to meet as many
    people and I truly have had an
    amazing experience…. Just the
    ability to stay around a year longer
    … I’m truly in love with the culture
    here. I’ve truly grown to love it.
    I’ve had a lot of experiences here
    that I’ve learned from…. I’m
    learning every day…. I love now
    having the chance go and possibly
    affect it the other way. I can’t
    imagine leaving right now. I think
    it’s a good next step to affect the
    campus but also to learn more.

    I think they’re doing a good job. In
    talking to them myself, they have
    good ideas. They have some things
    that can be improved. I think a big
    thing right now is a lack of
    information students are getting.
    While the information is there,
    we’ll say it’s a lack of a
    communication medium…. I don’t find
    the WLUSU website very interactive….
    Even just having a calendar of
    knowing when events are, there are a
    lot of students who want to know
    what is going on or where resources

    I think I would make a better
    president than my opponents because
    I think we all have very deep
    involvement, but in saying that, I
    know I’ve gone through my experience
    already to go out and meet people….
    I’ve gone and met a lot of people
    and taken the time to get to know a
    lot of people and have conversations
    with them, to make the connections
    with them. Many of the other
    candidates may not have such strong
    relationships because of the choices
    that they’ve made.

    I’ve heard other people saying that
    I’m pretty casual and laid back….
    People have called me lazy and not
    hard working. One thing that may be
    important for students to realize is
    that I’m very passionate about
    school. I love this school more than
    be put into words. People who know
    me know that when I’m truly
    passionate about something I give
    everything I can to make it the best
    that it can be and this is something
    that I’m truly passionate about….
    I’m a very approachable person but
    I’m very hard working. I’ve heard
    people to say to me that I’m like a
    chicken with my head cut off but I
    have destinations where I’m going.

Dan La Cute

*Location: Hall of Fame *

La Cute is a fourth-year Communication Studies student. He was President of Activities for his House Council and a member of A-Team for two years. He has worked at Wilf’s as Programming Assistant. La Cute has also been a Residence Life Don for two years, has volunteered with 5 Days for the Homeless and worked as a Student Ambassador.

  1. The reason why I chose the Hall of
    Fame is that we wanted to meet in
    Wilf’s but unfortunately because it
    would be actively campaigning we
    weren’t allowed to. Wilf’s has been
    pretty important to me in terms of
    my extra-curricular involvement. In
    my first two years I did A-Team for
    two years and then in my third year
    I was also the Alumni and Promotions
    person for Winter Carnival and then
    I worked in the kitchen and then
    this year I’m a program person for
    Wilf’s and the Turret. So I’ve spent
    a lot of time in Wilf’s and I think
    that that’s had a huge impact on my
    extra-curricular involvement and
    definitely made me into the person
    that I am today.

    I think this is a great opportunity
    to get to know more students and get
    to hear about their needs. I would
    consider myself a very approachable
    person and I think that because of
    that I can actually get out there
    and get to know what students
    actually want. I know that past
    presidents haven’t always been the
    most open to hearing new ideas and
    they’re busy with policies but I
    really want to make myself more
    approachable to all students.

    I think WLUSU management is doing a
    really great job. I think that Kyle,
    although he received a little bit of
    flack on the Terrace expansion, a
    lot of the finances were out of his
    control. And although we did have to
    spend that additional money I think
    that it’s benefitting students in
    the long run. And in the sense of
    the VPs and the management group I
    think they’re doing a great job. But
    I think one of the main things that
    I hear from students time and time
    again is just communication.
    Students don’t know who are the
    management group… so I think it’s
    about getting out there and making
    sure students are aware.

    My involvement on campus. Because of
    the fact that I’ve done so many
    things I think I can pull my various
    experiences together to pull towards
    it. I’m also actively engaged in the
    community. I know a lot of people on
    campus…. Because if I feel like I
    know many people then I can just go
    talk to people.

    I’m the oldest of four kids. My
    sister goes to Western, both my
    brothers are in high school back
    home in Orangeville. Maybe something
    that they wouldn’t know is that my
    parents have been really supportive
    of me and my family is actually
    coming to hear the results on
    Thursday. So if everyone comes out
    to hear the results on Thursday you
    can meet my dad, my sister and my

## Matt Park ##

Location: The Concourse

Park is a sixth-year Political Science student. He has served as a director and chair on the WLUSU Board of Directors. Along with serving on the Board of Governors, he has sat on several advisory councils regarding Student Services and the One Card. Park has also been Vice President and President of the Sigma Chi Fraternity and worked as a Residence Life Don.

  1. I think it’s because it’s a central
    location. For me a lot of it was
    when I chose to come where I wanted
    to be on campus for the interview a
    whole lot of places went through my
    mind: somewhere in residence, maybe
    in Wilf’s…. But I basically fell
    back to this idea. I’ve spent so
    much time in here writing papers,
    I’ve spent so much time in here
    talking to friends and just
    wandering around even that the
    Concourse made the most sense

    For me the final decision factor
    came down to I was looking around
    campus one day and I still felt like
    there were a lot of things that
    could be changed. This is my last
    year as a student and it just didn’t
    seem right to say ‘Alright well
    things aren’t right but I’m just
    going to leave’. I’ve gotten a lot
    from Laurier. I’ve met some amazing
    people and I feel like it’s really
    changed how I am and my outlook on
    life. And I feel like it would be
    really selfish to just say ‘Well,
    I’m going to leave. I’m not going to
    try and change anything’

    I think what I can do better is for
    one bring a wealth of experience to
    the organization. Like I said I’ve
    got a certain amount of experience
    at the management level of the
    students’ union so I’m not going to
    have to spend a long amount of time
    figuring out how a $13 million
    budget works…. Instead of sitting in
    a boardroom or in an office and
    thinking ‘Why aren’t students
    interested in what we’re doing?’…
    it’s getting out of that room and
    talking to them. Management isn’t
    doing that right now. And the
    easiest way to solve that is to just
    get out and talk to them.

    I don’t really think it’s about me.
    I don’t really think it’s about
    them. A lot of what I think it
    breaks down to is an experienced
    standpoint…. I’m the only
    candidate who’s been involved in
    management in the Students’ Union
    before, I’m the only candidate who’s
    done budgeting for the Students’
    Union before, I’m the only candidate
    who’s done VP Hiring before…. With
    the exception of Nick Gibson I’m the
    only candidate who’s been lobbying
    government. And I think that that
    has a huge impact. Instead of
    learning what all of that means, I
    can go to the office on day one, I
    can prioritize and I can start
    working on what my platform
    initiatives are.

    I think that the biggest thing is
    people feel like I might not be that
    personable or that I’m just not
    interested. And it couldn’t be
    further from the truth. Throughout
    this campaign students aren’t going
    to see me out dancing and singing …
    it’s not my personality. But I
    couldn’t be more interested in who
    they are, why they’re here and what
    they want to get out of the
    university. My passion may not be
    perfectly visible every time. But
    when we start talking about the
    issues I think it will really come

The key issues this election

  • Brantford autonomy — This campaign
    season, there has been discussion of
    whether the campus should be given an
    independent Students’ Union.

    Fall reading week — Universities
    across Canada have been debating
    whether to implement a fall Reading
    Week and candidates have discussed
    how they would lobby the university
    to achieve this goal.

    WLUSU spending — After the cost of
    the terrace expansion went over
    budget by $430,541.13, there were
    questions as to whether the Students’
    Union has spent responsibly and
    whether this was the fault of the
    current board, management or the

    Campus safety — After a string of
    crime on the Waterloo campus, many
    candidates have mentioned student
    safety on and around campus as a key
    issue that needs to be addressed.

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