What is next for Twilight fans?

Amidst the global pandemic, I think we have all found ourselves watching more movies and subscribing to more video streaming services. For me, it’s been Twilight.

The Twilight series first started back in 2008, yet I still haven’t watched it until just this weekend. Immediately after the first film, I became very interested in the storyline and completed all five movies within that weekend.

Before you start reading, be warned: I will be spoiling the beginning, middle and end-just in case you happen to be someone like me who has come late to the movie trends. 

In the first movie, the relationship between Bella and Edward is developed. Bella eventually finds out that Edward is not just a normal boy at her high school; he is a vampire.

By the end of the second movie, I saw the manipulation and toxicity from Edward towards Bella. It was terrible how he could impact her feelings. 

He would make her feel bad, even if he was in the wrong. It was an obviously toxic relationship. In my option, I thought that Bella would have been much happier with Jacob.

She just kept on running back to Edward—no matter what he did to her. Jacob would have been a much better match. 

She spent time with him when Edward left her, when she was unbelievably sad. They spent so much time together, and I thought they were going to end up as a couple. 

After all that time getting closer and caring for each other; Edward returns and Bella quickly loses interest in Jacob. 

In the fifth and final movie, I could not believe it when the film ended. Bella had a child with Edward, which was something that was not likely to have happened.

The child birth was too harsh on Bella’s body and caused her to pass away. To save her, Edward changed her into a vampire. This was Bella’s hope since the second movie.

This left me wondering—what will happen next? What are Edward and Bella going to do now? Since Bella turned into a vampire, she will now be with Edward forever. They will be vampires forever!

Their story of love and adventures had just begun and then the entire movie series ended so quickly. 

I wanted to know what their plans were, what would happen when Bella’s parents’ passed away? How would she deal with the loss of her loved ones? I was left with so many unanswered questions and I was left wondering what their next move was.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to see another Twilight movie, just to see what adventures Bella and Edward go on. The movies were made long ago and I am indeed late to the Twilight trend, but it is never too late to start a new movie.

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