What a return to in-person recreation and activities will look like for students this fall


Photo by Darien Funk

“You can feel the energy,” Sarah Broderick, head of Wilfrid Laurier recreation said. 

For the first time since March 2020, Laurier Recreation is finally re-opening throughout the fall semester. 

After a year away from many of the in-person activities such as intramural sports and fitness classes, Broderick and the Golden Hawks staff are excited to return to some normalcy with many in-person activities offered this fall. 

After 18 months, Laurier is now resuming they’re in person zumba classes, dance classes and intramural sports for the upcoming semester. While doing so in a safe manner, adhering to all the public health and safety protocols. 

One of the most exciting programs Laurier Recreation offers across both the Brantford and Waterloo campuses is intramural sports 

“This semester outdoors we are returning to; soccer, ultimate frisbee, and a modified way for our flag football league. For inside we are returning to; basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, badminton, and ball hockey,” Broderick said. 

If playing intramural sports may not be the thing that you are interested in, there are several other ways that first-year students can get involved through Laurier Recreation. 

“Laurier has a focus on a residence athletics and wellness council. It will return with a variety of programs,” Broderick said. Highlighting many of the wellness and less competitive activities that the recreation department offers. 

For many first-years this is a great opportunity to get involved with Recreation Laurier as it is a first-year council and will result in meeting new people and participating with them in fun activities that involve sports and wellness for all. 

We are aligning with other recreational sports leagues, following public health measures. Masking while not actively participating will be required.

Sarah Broderick, head of WLU Recreation

The best way for students to stay current with all of the new activities, workout classes, signups for the athletic complex, and sign-ups for intramurals is through the Laurier website. 

“The best place to find all details is through Laurierathletics.com… We are continuing to add programs every day,” Broderick said. 

“Another place to find what is new or being highlighted during the week can be found @WLURecreation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,” she continued. 

Most importantly, Laurier Recreation is taking all safety measures into place with the upcoming year. Laurier has now made it mandatory for all students to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccinations to enter onto campus and to play sports this upcoming year. 

“We are aligning with other recreational sports leagues, following public health measures. Masking while not actively participating will be required,” Broderick said about the safety protocols in place.

“So anytime you are not on the court or field we will be asking you to mask up. We will be now seeing full traditional play, ensuring that we are all masking, doing our health screenings, and we will continue with attendance and contact tracing.”

Given the challenge of the past 18 months, Laurier Recreation is excited to bring everyone back together for what is going to be a historic recreational year.

“At the in-person get-involved fair, we could feel that student energy back on campus. Having our sports clubs being featured in person was amazing,” Broderick said.

While Laurier may not be having all of their classes in-person, Laurier Recreation is doing their best to offer as many programs as possible in-person. There are many ways for all students, especially first-years, to get involved and participate with Laurier athletics and recreation this year. 

“Everyone seems excited and wants to get back to the student engagement and energy that they love.”

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