WE can change the world

Today, over 6,000 students aged 6-18 and educators flooded the Kitchener Auditorium for the second annual Waterloo WE Day. The day was packed with powerful speakers including Craig Kielburger, founder of Free the Children.

Magic Johnson, former basketball player for the Lakers who spoke at the conference, told audience that the way to being hip and cool is by “how many people you are helping to be hip and cool.”

Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire and the cast of Degrassi spoke about their experiences in developing nations.

Spencer West’s encouraged everyone to redefine impossible and proved it when he told the audience he planned to climb a mountain later this year.

Musical talent like Neverest, The Midway State and Shawn Desman all graced the stage. The WE Day dance took place involving the entire stadium to Shawn Desman’s “Night Like This.”

The energy that circulated the room filled everyone with the inspiration to make a change in the world.

By working together, Kielburger said we can make the impossible possible as the purpose of the conference states: Together we are unstoppable. Together, we can make a difference. That is the power of we.

As Mia Farrow, actress, model and humanitarian, put it, “You are the generation I’ve been waiting for.”

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