Waterbuffs donate $2,250


By Idil Herzi

On Nov. 24, the Waterbuffs, an on-campus charitable social group, will be making their first visit to Lincoln Heights Public School to distribute food to underprivileged children as part of the school’s breakfast club. The students and their sponsor, Morty’s Pub, donated a combined total of $2,250 to the elementary school.

“The money we’re giving covers several days of [food for the] school. The program is run entirely through volunteers and through donations,” said Waterbuffs executive and fourth-year business student Thomas Gaylor.

“Money like this really helps them out, seeing how they’re pretty much struggling to keep this program.”

Gregory Ennis, president of the Waterbuffs and a fourth-year history student at Laurier, added that Morty’s has been a great partner in this charitable donation.

“When we started talking with the owners of Morty’s and he had had a really good experience with this school…. They really needed it more than others,” said Ennis.

Feeding approximately 50-75 students a day, Lincoln Heights is well capable of utilizing this donation to further expand their program.

“[The owner of Morty’s] had said when he had done some volunteering there, the sense of fulfillment he got was unbelievable,” said Ennis.

“We just want to give back to the community,” added Gaylor.

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