Videos: Meet your presidential candidates


In Depth Editor Rebecca Vasluianu met with presidential candidates Nick Gibson, Dan La Cute, Aeron Lawrence and Matt Park last week. Each candidate was instructed to bring The Cord to the place of their choosing on campus which has some significance to them. The following 10 questions were posed to each individual.

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Who are you voting for? The Cord profiles your candidates.

Why did you choose to meet here and how is this spot meaningful to you?

What are the roles and limitations of a WLUSU president? How does this factor into the promises you’ve made in your platform?

Aside from the goal or representing and serving students, why do you want to be president?

What is your most ambitious goal?

What is the biggest issue on this campus?

How would you ensure WLUSU’s spending is in line with the students’ best interest?

How well do you think WLUSU management is operating currently? What would you do better?

How would the everyday student benefit from your presidency?

How do you feel about student engagement with the Students’ Union and its projects?

What is something about you that the electorate may not know?

Nick Gibson Part 1 of 2

Nick Gibson Part 2 of 2

Dan La Cute Part 1 of 2

Dan La Cute Part 2 of 2

Aeron Lawrence Part 1 of 3

Aeron Lawrence Part 2 of 3

Aeron Lawrence Part 3 of 3

Matt Park

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