UPDATE: Man wanted for Kitchener stabbing resurfaces on social media

Since the beginning of May, Waterloo Regional Police have been looking for accused killer Ager Mohsin Hasan, who is currently facing a second-degree murder charge for the death of 22 year-old Melinda Vasilije.

On April 28, Vasilije was found in her Kitchener apartment with multiple stab wounds. According to the WRPS, Hasan fled to the United States after the incident. An individual matching the description of Hasan was seen in Erie County, Pennsylvania switching licence plates in a Walmart parking lot.

Hasan was last seen a month ago in Tennessee, where he was having a conversation with another individual who recognized him as a wanted man.

According to The Waterloo Record, Hasan faces three counts of breach of recognizance for an alleged break-and-enter and alleged assaults at Vasilije’s apartment on April 3.

Currently, WRPS are investigating whether Hasan posted comments and posts on Instagram Monday evening, stating that he “regrets everything negative [he] ever did to you.” The post also told friends and family not to comment or to like any of the online photos.

According to spokesperson Cherri Greeno, police are aware of the posts and are currently considering the authenticity of the comments to confirm if they are Hasan. Greeno noted that police now have “ongoing” contact with Hasan via email.

Hasan is believed to have remained in the United States. It is possible he may have been heading towards the Mexican border.

On May 1, a Reddit user claiming to be Hasan posted a statement on the website explaining how he had been in a romantic relationship with Vasilije until they broke up in April. The user provided information of the events that took place the night of when Vasilije was murdered.

The author of the post confessed to stabbing Vasilije in self-defence during a heated argument. The post also included pictures of the couple and texts between the two before the incident occurred.

“I honestly had no intentions of ever doing that to her, I was protecting myself,” the user wrote, according to The Waterloo Record.

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