Unsigned: Thrill found in escape rooms is similar to horror movies

With abduction and home invasions being the harsh reality for too many people, why do we enjoy emulating that in escape rooms?

As the rooms are getting more and more popular, we have to ask ourselves why it’s entertaining to trap ourselves in a room with a clock ticking down, while we scramble to find a way out.

Horror escape rooms have also been popular. Like the common haunted house, escape rooms are putting this idea to the next level by incorporating horror and the mystery of cracking a code to set yourself free.

Escape rooms are beginning to be categorized like movies. Themes can vary from horror, fantasy, spy or otherwise.

The common theme, however, is that to the average person, they appear to be far from reality.

Escape rooms are like a horror movie in real life.

We like escape rooms for the same reason that we like horror, thriller or sci-fi films.

They seem so unlikely and we are fascinated by how we would react in high-stress situations, without actually putting ourselves in real-life high-stress situations.

We enjoy the ability to be in danger in a completely controlled and safe environment. We know we can get out and we can have help, but we still have the thrill of the scenario. It’s also a test of wit.

The point is to come together as a team in a constructive space.

But, without enough information before going in, escape rooms can be really scary for people who have had real experiences without being able to get free.

It can be fun to have the storyline, but it needs to be clear what we’re getting into.

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