Unsigned: Alternative contraceptives more openly available

Beyond the prevention of reproduction, birth control solutions play an important role in the daily lives of countless people.

Oral contraceptives, the most traditional form of birth control since the 1960’s, carry a 99 per cent success rate for ‘perfect use,’ with ‘typical use’ standing eight per cent lower. Other methods such as cervical caps, diaphragms, IUD/IUS and vaginal rings, which are all becoming more popular, are lost in the wake of traditional preventative methods, also with a lower ranking of efficacy.

This being said, because every circumstance is different, there should not be one overarching medical solution.

Why do other alternatives get lost in the wake of traditional pill consumption? Why is the number one most recommended method of reproductive-prevention oral contraceptives? Why are other options being ignored?

Oral contraceptives are used for more than just pregnancy prevention. The use of these birth control methods can also regulate period cycles, reduce menstrual cramps and can manage acne, amongst other developmental aids. The added benefits of the pills coincide with affordability, convenience and the appeal of not having to insert foreign objects into bodies.

But the main issue is that women are not being made aware of the fact there are other birth control methods available to them. Through recommendations of family members, friends and qualified physicians, users are being made to believe the most common option will work best.

As every system works differently, people can react to treatments in various ways. Some can face problems that can easily be corrected with the use of another alternative. Finding what works for each individual is important through education and discourse rather than finding the easiest method to provide patients.

Many contraceptives, orally consumed ones included, don’t prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections — where the use of condoms does.

In the wide variety of contraceptives, it’s important to understand that each one can be used for different benefits and that some will be a better fit for specific circumstances. Knowledge is power to avoid ignorance as well as figure out what is best for your sexual and personal experiences.

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