Unlicensed rental properties a concern for students

As students begin looking for housing for next year, they should be reminded of the importance of seeking licensed rental properties. In May 2011, the Waterloo city council enacted a new bylaw regarding housing licenses. If someone fails to secure a license (including a rental corporation), they face a minimum fine of $350 with potential penalties ranging up to $25,000. However, it is the responsibility of the tenant to ensure that their house is licensed, since city inspectors could evict any occupants of the house if it is found to be unlicensed.

This bylaw is meant to protect the safety of students and The Cord commended this decision when it was enacted in May. It is worth bearing in mind, however, as students begin their housing search again, that they must realize the potential dangers of living in an unlicensed house and the importance of asking questions of potential landlords.

—The Cord Editorial Board

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