Understanding rights in the battle with landlords

Leaking pipes, renovation projects gone wrong, mold, damaged air conditioning, flooded toilets, holes in walls and miscommunicated contracts are all part of the reoccurring tale: the battle between tenants and landlords. How do students prepare for this repetitive duel of housing complications? Understanding their rights.

A binding contract requires cooperation from both parties, but your rights are your landlord’s obligation. Certain expectations must be met, and sometimes these expectations are forgotten or dismissed. As important as it is for you to follow certain rules of conduct during your tenure, it’s equally important for expectations towards your landlord to be fulfilled and respected.

Staying educated is crucial when choosing where to live. The Students Rights Advisory Committee is a valuable resource for informing students about housing rights and tenant agreements. There to assist students with a catapult of complications, they’re one option for allowing tenants to remain in control beneath the roofs they sleep under. Reading full leases before signing and discussion with lawyers are other ways to gain home field advantage on someone else’s turf.

Knowing what you need for sustainable living conditions is an underlying requirement for all tenants. Hydro bills, laundry costs, plumbing and air conditioning functionality are examples of living necessities that must not be overlooked. Rushing to sign contracts can cause you to gamble with these crucial necessities and can jeopardize your chances of finding the best place for you.

Being educated is the key to preparation, and preparation is your greatest weapon in battle.

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