Twitter pays off with @HiddenCash519


Keeping a constant eye on social media may start paying off for residents in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Hidden Cash
Screenshot of the @HiddenCash519 account

On May 31, the Twitter account @HiddenCash519 appeared, tweeting that the cash scavenger hunt would be coming to K-W, Cambridge, Guelph and the surrounding area.

Since then, the account has been tweeting out clues to the location of cash that has been concealed around the region for locals to find.

“I think it really gets people excited. We have stayed and seen the people find the cash or people on their way to it and it’s all excitement,” explained the two anonymous K-W locals behind the Twitter account.

“It’s really inclusive, everyone can take part in it.”

The pair hope that the project will bring a wider sense of community to K-W and that it grows to be more inclusive.

“One of our goals is to get local companies involved, whether it’s donating money or even a lanyard or bumper sticker to put in the envelope as a little something extra. That would be fun and a lot more inclusive,” they added.

The idea came from another anonymous group from San Francisco who set up a Twitter account called @HiddenCash .

After receiving a huge response on Twitter, the hidden cash frenzy has appeared in numerous cities around the US and Canada.

“We had heard about the hidden cash craze that took off all over the world, starting from San Francisco, to Vancouver to Toronto, so we thought it would be great fun to bring it here,” said one of the K-W organizers.

There have been two drops of cash made by @HiddenCash519 so far, and a total of $150 given away by the anonymous locals who work for the money themselves.

“Other hidden cash accounts have stuck to $100 every drop. But because we do small jobs like mowing lawns and we helped a friend move to make the money, we can’t guarantee that every drop is going to be $100,” they said.

“But it’s a lot nicer because we give back by doing things for people and then pay it forward to the community.”

They remain completely unknown to all friends and family in order to keep up the excitement and mystery

The most recent winner, Genevieve Sansone, is a graduate student at the University of Waterloo.

“Honestly, I was even more excited than I thought I would be. It was pretty thrilling to be part of the search, and then to be the first one to find the cash,” she said.

She found the envelope of $50 wedged into the back of a monument in a garden area behind Kitchener City Hall.

Although Sansone was excited, she does not plan to continue participating in order to give others a chance to win.

For those looking to join the hunt, @HiddenCash519 has provided a clue for the next cash drop.

“Guess what Laurier students, you could be a little bit richer if you find some #HiddenCash on your campus! Want in on the fun? There will be some #HiddenCash ready to be found in your library on June 23!”


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