Tied between Love and Greed

(Graphic by Adele Palmquist).


Since 2005, there has been a hush-hush over the NHL in loom of another lockout — don’t speak the word, for it is not to be named. But now with just 24 days for the NHL and NHLPA to reach an agreement, it’s become to the point where many NHL fans are tired of the double-sided argument.

Basically, the players and the league are fighting between the love of the game and the greed of the pay. The players — and also the league — make more money than I will see in my lifetime, and if I were to be reborn again and come back a millionaire. The money is substantial. It’s almost disgusting, especially when it takes away from the passion the game of hockey is supposed to enfold.

So when does the tie between love and greed become separated and players go back to the love being more important? Unfortunately, I don’t think it ever will.

With this year’s salary floor (the MINIMUM amount a team can spend) higher than it ever has been, the money has become a potent part of not only running a team, but also playing for it.

Is it worth it to go through another argument over money?

I am an avid hockey fan. I grew up watching Hockey Night in Canada. When I was just old enough to crawl around, I’d sit myself right in front of the television when the theme song came on and not move until the game was over.

When I was four, I watched the Niagara Falls Thunder religiously. At that point, Manny Legace was the goaltender and I knew the exact moment when he was not starting. One time I actually cried during the national anthem because he wasn’t in net.

Hockey has always been part of my life, and it will continue to be. But I will say that these salary cap arguments have taken away from my love of the game and have hindered the spirits that used to come with the passion.

If it comes down to it, bitterly I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t play again.  The only ones that’ll suffer are the viewers. And if that happens again­ — twice in less than ten years — I don’t know if the league will ever be the same again.

Good luck.

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