These are the dorm room essentials you need

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Decorating a dorm room seems like a dream, but something your countless Pinterest boards don’t prepare you for is your Laurier dorm rules.

Though you’ll have to say goodbye to your fairy lights, aquarium and scented candles, there’s still plenty you can do to make your room more like a home. Here are my best suggestions for decorating that are still within the rules.

Flameless Candles

I know, I know, those three-wick candles from Bath & Body Works are to die for, but open flames are a definite rule breaker in your dorm. Opt instead for flameless candles to get the same effect without the wrath of your don.

The candles usually come in packs and are typically cheaper than real candles. You can get them scented as well, but if you really can’t live without your Mahogany Teakwood, you can always buy a wall plug of your favourite fragrance to match the artificial flickering.


If there’s one fundraiser at Laurier that always goes over well it’s the succulent sales in the concourse. Though you may not be able to keep your furry, feathered or fishy friend with you in residence, you can still bring a little life through your plants.

Succulents are hard to kill, so even if you forget to water them all throughout your finals or go home for reading week they will still be there to greet you. Careful, though, you can’t have just one!


The annual poster sale is the most wonderful time of the year for many students, and you can’t really understand the scope and variety of the posters until you see the concourse full of them. When I was in first year, the department of residence provided double-sided tape, but one pack of sticky-tack from the sale has lasted me two years so far if you need more.

Of course, you can always bring your own posters or buy them elsewhere, but hard-mounted wall posters are a no-go. Stick to the floppy ones, they’re easier to roll up and transport any-way.

Printed Pictures

For my birthday in first-year, my friends pasted my door with memes and photos of us from the previous semester. Afterwards, I didn’t have the heart to throw them out, so I brought them into my room and stuck them to my wall. It was a personal touch that I wish I had done sooner.

You don’t need photo paper or a fancy printer to do this either. Just print out a bunch of pictures you like, whether that be photos you took, your favourite Pinterest board or your friends best Instagram pictures, and tape them up on your wall. So fetch!

Command Hooks

You’ve probably heard about these from everyone, but they’re just that good! If you really can’t live without your hard posters or that mask you brought back from your time volunteering abroad, Command Hooks are the way to go.

Be warned though, only place them on surfaces that can hold the weight of the item you’re placing and don’t put them on drywall. Ripping the paint away on the day you move out is not only stressful, it can also be costly! I’d recommend only using them on the brick walls or on mirrors and doors.

Rearrange Furniture

Though you have to have the furniture where it was when you entered residence, there’s no rule about moving it while you’re there! When I lived in Waterloo College Hall, I had my desk facing out the window with my back to the sink, and that was lovely!

If you’re planning to rearrange, remember to be mindful of where your head will be, though. If it’ll be close to a sharp surface, say the edge of the wall mounted bookcase, you can slice a pool noodle down one side and cover the bothersome edge. It’ll be much softer when you hit your head and no one likes an unnecessary trip to Grand River Hospital.

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