The valuable teamwork of the Justice League

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I once wondered what makes the Justice League so powerful, besides having heroes that have superpowers that everybody dreams of having. I’m counting down the days until I get the chance to see the new Justice League movie that’s coming out, a film that I’ve been waiting to watch for over a decade.

Prior to watching the trailer, I realized just how many life lessons I’ve learned from this group of heroes. This movie certainly conjures up a lot of childhood memories, but I mainly look back on how the Justice League taught me the value of teamwork and having others by your side when facing challenges.

I believe that no matter where or when you are in your life, knowing how to work with others is a crucial skill when wanting to accomplish an important task that you can’t do alone.

Looking at the Justice League, I’m aware that each hero has their own unique skillset that can accomplish many wonders, but when trying to save the world from destruction from the likes of Lex Luthor, Darkseid, or more recently Steppenwolf, every vigilante has learned one cannot always do everything.

I find it heartwarming that we can find strength from helping one another and receiving it from others.

For instance, Batman is the brains of the group, but has no superpowers. Superman is invulnerable to every kind of threat, except Kryptonite. Aquaman can talk to fish, but can get dehydrated like a normal human. From pointing out these weaknesses, the Justice League has continuously reminded people from all walks of life that they’re not perfect, but each individual brings something special to the table that the other heroes can benefit from.

What I also found inspiring about the Justice League is that all heroes continuously chucked their egos out the door and began to trust and work alongside one another when trying to save the world from a threat that was bigger than one hero alone.

In contrast to the real world, I’m always thankful that I have a team that is willing to support me when I need help. Whether it’s school or any of the places I volunteer at, I have always learned something new from a fellow teammate and improved on various skills when working towards a common goal.

It’s important to realize that we individually  all have our unique abilities  much like superheroes, but when we unite with others we are much stronger.

From teachers, students and employees, teamwork is essential when aiming to achieve goals and solutions. From watching the Justice League, I’ve always got enjoyment by helping students, friends and co-workers and realized playing to a teammates ability can be beneficial.

I think it’s important to realize you don’t always have to be alone when facing challenges in life. Having a good team player at your side can certainly help reduce stress and difficulty. I have applied the teachings of the Justice League in my life, as it has made me a stronger person.

Working together can lead to so many positive outcomes, from learning new skills, succeeding, self discovery and improvement which I have seen happen.

I find it heartwarming that we can find strength from helping one another and receiving it from others. In comparison to the Justice League, we all have our own power that makes us awesome, but there is a team somewhere out there willing to help make you more powerful. I know that is something I can expect when watching this film.

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