The sexualization of newly elected PM Justin Trudeau

Countless Canadians have called him “the most attractive prime minister in Canadian history.” For many, there is no denying his physical appeal, but to what degree did appearance help Justin Trudeau become elected?

In earlier months through opposing political ad campaigns, Trudeau’s “attractiveness” was used negatively. The ads were situated to portray a candidate that merely cares about his own image, constructing the idea of another “pretty face” that is “just not ready.”

Now that he has won, people are glorifying his attractiveness and celebrating the very attribute other parties had attempted to use against him. However, when does appreciation for appearance go too far, especially when dealing with an important political figure who governs the decisions of our country?

Beyond his charismatic personality, emotional intellect and calm and composed approach to change, Justin Trudeau is being objectified and sexualized. Social media has erupted with comments on Canada’s “hottest PM yet.” The problem is, it seems that the traffic of his explosive attention has mostly to do with his appearance, rather than his vision for newly implemented policies.

His appearance is what seems to be the most talked about, even more than his suspected legalization of marijuana, which has created tremendous confrontation. What does this mean? The attractiveness of Trudeau is enticing for much of the globe’s media, but his role may be undervalued if his appearance is the main component of interviews.

Justin Trudeau is a man with a direct vision. He knows what our country needs and is willing to do what is necessary, however critical analysis of his position is necessary despite the appearance. Whether you agree with his political direction or not, it is important that we remember not to judge a book by its cover.

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