The power of the Force compels you to donate generously

On Dec. 6, a Star Wars toy drive in the Concourse offered not only hope for the fate of the rebellion, but for children all over Kitchener-Waterloo as well this holiday season.

The inspiration for the toy drive came from the story of a little girl who was bullied in Chicago recently for having a Star Wars backpack and water bottle, as well as a desire to help children in our own community said the event’s co-ordinator Stefan Sereda, a PhD student in English and film studies.

Organizers of Monday’s event used Facebook and clever allusion to Star Wars plot holes to promote the toy drive.

“Remember how Princess Leia gave out medals to Luke and Han at the end of A New Hope, but didn’t bother giving one to Chewie even though he soaked his lustrous fur in the Death Star’s garbage juice to save her? Remember how that injustice made you feel?…Nobody should be forgotten during the holidays, but with many families indebted to Jabba the Hutt or otherwise living below the poverty line, plenty of children are in serious need of some Star Wars swag this year.”

Accepting both new Star Wars toys as well as cash, donations from Monday’s toy drive will be donated to the Kitchener-Waterloo chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

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Stefan Sereda, a PhD student in English and Film Studies and Deni Eckenswiler, a graduate with a BA in Psychology, hold a climatic duel in the Concourse for childrens’ holidays across the region.