The faces behind the presidential campaign


Nicholas Nyhof

Year/Major: Fourth-year BBA
Position: Campaign manager for Chandler Jollife
How he got the job: “Chandler discussed what he wanted to do to better the student experience and improve the Students’ Union for the future of Laurier, and I realized that there was a vision that I could fully support.”
Average day as campaign manager: “I wake up around 7:30 A.M. each morning and take a look at everything that’s happened so far, then look at what needs to be accomplished in the day ahead — then we get to work. At the end of each day we have an internal meeting to analyze the day and see what progress has been made or where our weaknesses are, then make plans to move forward from there.”
Why he got involved: “If you have a president come in with a vague focus or a lack of understanding with what changes they can make, or how to make them, then the students will suffer with a slow change or ineffective change.”

Heather Gaffney

Year/Major: Fourth-year BBA
Position: Co-campaign manager for Sam Lambert
How she got the job: She has been involved in elections since first year and has a close friendship with Lambert. “I have known Sam since first year and have worked with him closely in the Union and have seen his ability to lead, engage and motivate students. I never put my phone down. I’m in constant communication with my co-campaign manager, Sam and volunteer liaison.”
Average day as campaign manager:  “After morning classes I head to the booth to ensure everything is running smoothly. In the afternoon I meet with Sam to determine what events he would like to attend and bring up anything that needs his attention.”
Why she got involved: “Every undergraduate student is a member of the Union and they can contribute to the direction the Union takes. Because of the support and voice of students, the Union was able to make a decision that best represented the opinions of our community.”

Brandon Thompson

Year/Major: Fourth-year kinesiology
Position: Campaign manager for Justin Tabakian
How he got the job: Thompson’s personal relationship with Tabakian acted as a catalyst for his decision to become his campaign manager. “I have known Justin for the past two years as a co-worker and in September, Justin came to me with the news that he was going to be running for Student’s Union president. He told me his ideas and asked me to help out. I really looked forward to it because the types of things in his platform were truly things I believed in.”
Average day as campaign manager: “A lot of early mornings. Meeting with Justin to go over any ideas or upcoming events and an hour or two of booth time on campus and trying to balance class and work in between. Busy to say the least.”
Why he got involved: “I believe students should vote because it is one of the few opportunities we have as students to allow someone of our choice to represent us.”

*Editor’s note: Andres Melendez and his campaign team could not be reached for an interview. 

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