The Cord on Sports: Sex is our new favourite sport

(Graphic by Adele Palmquist).

Everyone’s favourite closet topic is always sex. And everyone’s favourite time of the year is when the Olympics come around. So why not combine the two?

Just recently there has been a frenzy of posts being released by the media talking about how so many Olympic athletes are putting away their training shoes in their spare time in London, and picking up the condoms.

Can you really blame them? I mean, with the amount of time spent training for their respective sport, putting so much time into their health, diet, and technique, it doesn’t leave much time for socializing, never mind relationships or sex.

So when they get the chance, all the power to them. Not to mention that it’s hot, sexy, fit athletes from nations across the world who you probably won’t ever see again, or at least for another four years.

I’ll take it. Plus, London 2012 is supplying infinite amounts of condoms to all athletes. It’s basically setting them up for sex.

What is better than an awkward hook up you don’t have to worry about seeing the next time you walk to your 8:30 a.m. Kinesiology class?

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