The art of wearing animal prints correctly

(Photo by Heather Davidson)
(Photo by Heather Davidson)

One of the biggest trends seen in contemporary fashion is animal print. Whether it is worn as a scarf, or a dress, styling animal prints are a fun way to add sass to an outfit.

However, there is an art to wearing animal prints. If you wear it wrong, you could end up accidently leaving the house looking like Snooki in her early Jersey Shore days. This kind of look should be avoided at all times. Sometimes it’s fun to channel our inner Scary Spice, so here are five ways for you to do so.

Combine with casual staple pieces  
Animal prints can be a little overbearing. This means that incorporating them in your everyday attire can be tricky.

However, this is also not an impossible look to pull off. The trick is knowing how to style it so that it works. By pairing an animal printed scarf with casual everyday pieces like a pair of jeans or a graphic t-shirt, this helps to upgrade your monotonous school outfit to an exotic and effortless street style look that will certainly make all of your peers jealous.

Layer with neutral tones
Layering animal prints with vivid colours can sometimes be an eyesore. Depending on the intensity of the print, you should tone it down.  The best way to do so is to stick with neutral and faded colours like black, beige or taupe.

Combine with other patterns
If you’re going to mix and match two different animal prints, the best way to accomplish this task is to match the accessories to your desired print.

The key here is to use a minimal amount of print.  Hints of animal prints on accessories such as purses, shoes or scarves can do a lot for an outfit and can be a very overpowering statement.

Similar to bright colours, mixing different prints and patterns can be awkward.  If you’re going to mix and match two different prints such as leopard print with tiger print, make sure they are muted to avoid a chaotic look.

Make the print the focal point
If you’re choosing an animal printed shirt or pant, make it the centre of attention.

The neutral tones and muted patterns mentioned above will help to accomplish this dramatic and stunning look.

Nowadays there are an array of bold coloured prints that are sometimes easier to match with than those bland and typical brown and gold patterns. Coloured animal prints are powerful, so again it’s best to wear black or white tones at the base of the outfit.

Go big or go home  
Animal prints are a fun way to dress up an outfit, so why not go all out?

There is nothing like seeing someone rocking an oversized leopard print coat to inspire you to make a trip to the mall and buy the exact same one.  It’s a stylish, effortless look suitable for both night and day, depending on how adventurous you are.

Animal prints are a trend that shows how fun you are. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

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