Tensions build at meeting


Things began to get heated at the Wilfrid Laurier University’ Students’ Union meeting on Tuesday night. This meeting was established because of the one that was cancelled on Friday due to loss of quorum.

After a few quick discussions, the conversation became quickly tense when director Scott Fleming attempted to approve motions before they were properly discussed.

While his attempts to move the meeting along at a quicker pace was supported by director Caleb Okwubido. Other directors, such as Matt Casselman, were unimpressed with his behaviour.

During the meeting, Casselman said that if any directors had issues with time commitments or were unable to sit through an entire meeting, they should not attend at all.

This type of behaviour, he said, was “extremely inappropriate.”

Jon Pryce, chair of the board and chief governance officer, seemed unimpressed with the way the meeting was digressing, and reminded his fellow directors to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

“We’re not getting into this [argument] right now,” he said.

Later, when Fleming began to comment on how the meeting was going over time — when it in fact was not — Pryce had to remind him to “respect your chair.”

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