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Graphic by Alan Li

Waterloo Region increases new minimum wage for 2018

The Living Wage Waterloo Region released their most recent report on the hourly wage for 2018 last week. The new living wage for the Waterloo Region sits at 16 dollars and 10 cents per hour for 2018. The living wage is the hourly wage an employee needs to earn to cover their family’s basic expenses within their community. Since the […]

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Graphic by Alan Li

Minimum wage in Ontario sees increase this past week

On Oct.1, the general minimum wage in Ontario rose from $11.40 hourly to $11.60 hourly. The jump is a step in the provincial government’s plan to raise the general minimum wage up to 15 dollars hourly, first announced by Premier Kathleen Wynne back in May. The next planned jump is to $14 on Jan. 1, 2018, then finally to $15 […]

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